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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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"Oh please, William Richardson"

Practice what you preach

To the editor,
This letter is in response to William Richardson, President of the United Socialist Movement of the Americas, and his opinion piece entitled "Pan-Africanism, What?"
First, I will begin by saying how dare he criticize three of the largest and oldest clubs at the University at Buffalo? Mr. Richardson should be ashamed of himself and his lack of knowledge about ASA, CSA, and BSU. It is very ironic that he talks of African Unity, yet he has not approached either of these clubs about any programming ideas or activities.
He instead snooped around club websites like a wannabe Sherlock Holmes and then cowardly wrote an opinion article that was published one-day before the beginning of Springbreak. How classy. If it is recognition that you want for your temporary club then you've got it; and may I add it is not wise to burn bridges before you even have a budget. For the entire school year, from August to April, our clubs put on many cultural events and hold weekly meetings that address many of the pressing issues affecting the African community (African/African American/Caribbean/Latino).
Budget cuts, tuition hikes, and "Zionism" are not only African problems, and last time I checked, your club is political in nature and not cultural so stop trespassing on our territory. Real human beings sit down and discuss with other human beings. For your information, our clubs have many con-joined meetings and support each other's causes. If he ever attended an ASA fashion show, Mr. Richardson would know that the "objectification of women" is far from what we show. Our fashion is the epitome of African couture and culture and our models and performers come from diverse backgrounds.
Where was Mr. Richardson during the Haiti Clothing Drive thrown by CSA, where was he during African Awareness Week, and where was he during Black Solidarity week? I suggest Mr. Richardson practice what he preaches and do us all a favor and go back to being a nobody.
I am very sorry that your members have a loud mouth, know-nothing for a president.

Olympia Jarboe
President of the African Student Association



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