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Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Readers Should Get their Own Facts on Jenin Incident

Letter To the Editor

While the issues surrounding Jenin are complicated, (to address some claims of Zionists) one can't say that whatever happened in Jenin was a by-product of Palestinian propaganda. The primary difficulty in determining facts can be attributed to Israeli incompliance with the United Nations investigation, and the subsequent cancellation of it after Operation Defensive Shield, in April of 2002.

While the film "Jenin, Jenin" is not a documentary by the standard of what it supposed to do, it is not baseless. To the indication of Israeli defense Force's "humanitarianism," one needs to look at the report on Jenin filled by Human Rights Watch for that period, "Jenin: IDF military operations."

One will find ample evidence of blatant negligence by the IDF. To give a sample of what happened, on April 3, 2002: "Civilian Abu Rumaila (19) was killed for opening the main gate to his house; Nurse Farwa Jammal (27) was killed for trying to help him, and her husband was wounded, all of this was at a range of 100 meters from the IDF. Militant Ziad Amr Zubeidi (42) was killed immediately as he emerged from his house, he was not caring a weapon. Civilian Imad Musharaka (19) tried to remove Zubeidi's body off the street, but [the IDF soldiers] shot him in the leg. When he tried to stand up again, he was shot in the head. Muhammad Hawashin (14) was killed when he tried to cross an earthen mound in an open area behind the Jenin hospital, even though he was practically outside Jenin. Civilian Ahmad Hamduni was killed because he was hunched over when the IDF stormed his house, even though he was 85 years old. Militant Munthir al-Haj (22) was killed on the steps of a charity hospital even though he was wounded and posed no threat. Again, all of this happened on the first day, and clearly demonstrates actions in violation of the Geneva Convention."

Reading more one will find more violation of the Geneva Convention by the IDF: using civilians as human shields, denying ambulance access, withholding humanitarian aid and using bulldozers indiscriminately. All of which is not exclusive to Jenin, but typical of the occupation.

I recommended that one get the facts straight for themselves from non-government organizations, and non-partisan media. And ignore the lies of Zionists who refuse to believe facts.



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