Letter To The Editor

In response to the "More Stress, Less Benefit" editorial in the Nov. 7 issue of The Spectrum, there are some issues that apparently need clarification regarding the relationship between Sub-Board I, Inc. and Generation magazine. First and foremost, Generation magazine is a publication of SBI. In the role of publisher, SBI approves of all funding, purchases and equipment. Additionally, SBI is responsible for the creation and approval of Generation's charter and editorial structure. Finally, SBI manages the Generation's business and advertising affairs through the magazine's business staff. Since SBI receives student mandatory activity fees to fund its various programs, the officers of the corporation approve of all purchases.

In August, it was brought to our attention that there was illegal software on our computers in the Generation offices. The editor in chief was informed and was instructed to remove the unlicensed software and to submit a purchase order for approval to obtain a legal copy of Quark. In fact, I even allocated extra money to them during the budget process to go towards the purchase of Quark.

Once the task of ordering the software had been delegated to the magazine's business manager, it is that individual's responsibility to follow through on the process. Once our president and I signed off on the purchase, it was now in the hands of the magazine's staff. Generation is the only SBI service to which the corporation has given editorial freedom. This independence is something we take very seriously as it provides us with a publication free from student government interference.

The decision to take the keyboards and mice came after we were informed that the magazine still had not obtained a legal copy of Quark and had not deleted the pirated software after they had stated to us that it had been removed. If Quark was to audit our computers in the Generation office, it could cost SBI at least $40,000 ($10,000 per illegal copy), thus Generation could be shut down for the whole year and possibly for good. It was never our intent to shut the publication down. It was always our intent to publish with legal software.

Also clarification is required involving Quark's role in the lag time between when the software was ordered and when it is to arrive. While the business manager had submitted the correct paperwork to them in September, Quark lost the order. The Generation staff was aware of this in the beginning of October and if they had acted diligently, the software would already be installed. The software is currently on its way.

The Board of Directors of SBI gave the Generation editorial board control over the editorial affairs of the magazine. With this charge, the magazine also must be responsible in communicating with the publisher their concerns and needs.

SBI is pleased to publish Generation magazine. We have an exceptional editorial staff who are more than capable of producing a distinctive and unique publication. I look forward to next week's issue.