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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Athlete Profile

Emily Cox

If you passed Emily Cox in a Knox hallway, you'd never guess she's a great goalkeeper. Her slender frame and pretty face would fool you at first glance, but if you ever come to RAC Field you'll see a fierce competitor.

She currently has 61 saves for the Bulls, including a career-high 18 saves earlier this season against Boston University.

The Fairport, N.Y. native is a junior exercise science major.

Out on the field you seem to be fearless. Do you take this attitude off the field too?

It just comes with the position. If we're in a tough game and I get hit or something it just pumps me up. But off the field, it's a complete 180. Off the field I am the shyest person on the team but on the field I'm just a different person.

Why did you choose to attend UB?

I didn't want to go too far away from home. And they had the program I wanted. It was a pretty-well-known program with a great coaching staff. And the goals the coaches had set for the program were something I wanted to be a part of. Also, the fact that they were in a conference that is competitive played a big part. The conference also gets a bid to the NCAA tournament, which has always been a dream of mine.

What is an individual goal or a team goal that you would like to accomplish before you leave the soccer program?

The team has talked about it since I came here and we really want to win the [Mid-American Conference] championship and go play in the NCAA tournament. It just has always been an important goal of mine to play in the tournament.

When I attend games I notice that you're the most vocal player on the field. Is this something that is related to the goalkeeper position or is this just your personal style?

Goalkeepers are sometimes called the quarterback of the team. But that's just my style. That's how I've always competed communication wise. Because from where I stand I might see something that one of my teammates can't because it's behind them or something like that. It's just something that has always been instilled in me. From day one my coaches have always told me you need to be the loudest one on the field.

I see you guys as one of the elite teams at this university. Does it bother you that you guys don't get as much publicity and attention as some other teams on campus?

It's a little frustrating when you're winning a lot of games, doing real well and people don't know about you. But I would have to say that within the athletic department a lot of people were supportive when we won the MAC last year. The basketball team bought us a cake. It also comes with a certain level consistently. The pressure is good in a way because it makes us rise to the occasion.



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