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Monday, February 26, 2024
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A uromastyx is the perfect quarantine pet

The weather is changing, and the end of an unprecedented cyber semester is on the minds of many. With Thanksgiving break and the pandemic cutting off all in-person activities at UB, winter break and the following months could become lonely for those who long for the full college experience to return once again. Luckily, there might just be something that could make some people a little less lonely: Pet lizards.


Premium Snapchat, subscribe now!

"I awoke to hundreds of messages from friends, acquaintances and strangers telling me that someone made a fake Instagram, nearly identical to my personal account, offering access to a private Snapchat story where “I” would post explicit photos and nude content."  


A letter from transnational studies professor Cecil Foster

I write to draw attention to the deafening silence emanating  from the University at Buffalo and the College of Arts and Science on developments following the brutal execution of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police and the resulting street protest across the nation and internationally by diverse groups calling for racial equality.  


Thank you and farewell

Before I began my pursuit of journalism … actually, scratch that. During my first-ever interview in February 2012, a source gave me the greatest advice I could ever use.  “Life is about dealing with all situations in moderation,” he said. “Whether you’re a celebrity, a teacher or just a guy with a shovel in his hand, digging a ditch.”


Bye kids

I remember sitting in my first Spectrum class. It was fall 2018, the first day of my second year at UB. A year –– I promised myself –– that I would change my perspective. And boy was I in for a treat. Jody started talking about journalism and I was hyped. “This is perfect,” I thought. It was everything I was looking for in a career all lumped into one 300-level class. 


And now, the end is near

Eighteen-year-old eyes. A future in business. It was all the luggage I needed for Grandpa’s 2005 Kia. And close to 300 miles later, some of the first mist I got on that luggage came from exiting that old car, too. 


Goodbye UB

Last semester, my intramural soccer team lost in the semi-finals of the UB playoffs. It was a bummer for a team that still never won a championship. We’d come so close so many times over the last seven semesters.  “But at least we had one more opportunity,” we thought. “We still had the spring.” Turns out we didn’t. 


Trying to avoid regret at the end of an era

I never had a chance to make The Spectrum office the home it could have been. Usually, these types of columns are a place where I should say “things didn’t turn out how I planned them, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” But that’s simply not true.


The winner takes it all, and I have

It’s been almost two months since UB shut down campus, which means it’s been almost two months since I’ve been in The Spectrum office. Or since we’ve had a secret “girls room” meeting. Or since we’ve gone on a Tim Horton’s run, only to find out the line was too long. Or since we’ve bleached someone's hair in the conference room.

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