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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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How to take a compliment

Embracing the fact that you are beautiful, strong, kind, intelligent and funny — anything you want to be, really — is nothing to ever be ashamed of. Owning that pride in who you are is such a radiant thing, and speaks to how lovely and bright your character truly is.


Lesbian loneliness

When I first realized I was a lesbian, a mounting weight lifted off my chest. It was one that I hadn’t even known existed until it was gone, a crushing pain of knowledge that had laid out of reach for so long.


Facelift, please?

Investing in outdoor spaces and making campus more accessible would be a game changer for helping students adjust to UB.


Being straight at a gay bar

In a world that’s so divided at times, it’s important to remember that we’re all human. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation, gender, race or religion may be.


Anxiety sucks

Tons of people struggle with anxiety and share personal experiences to let others know they aren’t alone. I just hope I can do the same thing for the people reading this.


Um, I could do that

All in all, even though I started to really miss the idea of sports on solid ground (what a concept) and I might not be the next Team Great Britain snow-edition member, I really loved trying out skiing. 


The agony of defeat

Neither of us are lifelong Bills fans. Neither of us were born in the Queen City. But both of us have experienced the pain and agony that a demoralizing loss can bring. More often than not, it feels as if sport takes away more than it gives back.


You are not crazy

Mental illness has always been awash in taboo, a clingy and darkening word that turns an essential health problem into a malignant and vile creature.

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