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Sunday, May 19, 2024
The independent student publication of The University at Buffalo, since 1950



Make your years count

I invite you to find a place here in Buffalo where you can write your story — and if you have a little extra time, maybe you can join us in writing everyone else’s. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of responsibility, but it’s an honor. 74 years of Spectrum reporters agree.


‘Graduate already’

I’m going to miss all the inside jokes, all the arguments over how to phrase something, all the group hangouts, all the office decorations, all the massive FOIL requests, and making fun of Faculty Advisor Matt Parrino.  Saying goodbye is so much harder when you don’t have another year ahead of you. 


And so I face the final curtain

Instead of attempting some cliché introduction, I’ll get straight to the point: The Spectrum is amazing. And when I say The Spectrum, I mean all of it: the publication itself, its history, its staff and alumni, its office (and the decorations on the walls), and the impact it has on this campus.


I caught the writing bug

“I’ve got the writing bug,” is what I said a few weeks into my time as an editor.  I couldn’t stop pursuing stories and writing articles for The Spectrum. 


So long, partners

If you told me three years ago that I would be an editor at The Spectrum, I would not have believed you. Going into my sophomore year, I felt disoriented. I was beginning a new major and readjusting to life after the pandemic lockdown.


We did it live!

So maybe I was wrong. Maybe I am a journalist. But more importantly, I found a family of wonderful, silly people who pulled me out of my shell and gave me a home. And I will be forever grateful to them.


Stay golden, Pony Boy

Hello, I’m Rachel. Unless you read my one eclipse article or my unserious quips in the Spec Recs, you didn’t read what I had to say, but if you subscribed to the newsletter, you definitely saw it. 


Take your headphones off!

With each instance that I went headphones-free, I grew fond of the observations and the details that I became perceptive to which enabled me to continue music-free walks. 


Being immature about sex can lead to slut-shaming

Slut-shaming is accusing someone of being “too sexual” and using that as grounds to insult, harass or bully them. This can look like demeaning someone for wearing “revealing” clothes, making fun of someone for having sex and/or blaming victims of sexual assault. Women and girls are typically the victims of this type of harassment. 

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