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Sunday, May 19, 2024
The independent student publication of The University at Buffalo, since 1950



The Social Network

She signed on Facebook, accepted the group request in her inbox, and began scrolling through the list of members, knowing full well that it might be considered creepy in the eyes of others.


Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

It was a busy day for the Monro Muffler Brake and Service on Main Street, with a packed parking lot filled with people in high heels - men and women alike.

The Spectrum

Finding a Spirit in Buffalo

Every day after middle school Alex Levine went straight to his computer, as did most teenage boys. But Levine wasn't playing video games or surfing the web - he was checking on his business.


"Mud, Sweat, and Tears"

He leaped to bump the ball, only to realize his feet were buried in the quicksand-like floor. The swamp he was standing in caused him to lose his balance and fall face first - with a splash. He was covered from head to toe in wet, freezing, chunky, brown mud - and he loved it. He used a teammate's shirt to wipe the mud out of his eyes and was ready to play again.


FemSex Comes to UB

The class begins and the students sit anxiously awaiting the guest speaker. The woman walks to the front of the room and starts to address the class. Her speech is littered with words that are rarely heard inside of a college classroom: pornography, orgasm, and fetish. No one in the crowd giggles or blushes; this is what they signed up for.


Restaurant Review: Doctor Bird Caribbean Rasta-Rant

"Try new things" - such a commonly heard phrase nowadays, it's easy to hear someone say the words and not even think about them. "Broaden your horizons" - another one of those sayings that gets stated and re-stated so often that it seems weightless and insubstantial.


The New Spot to Quench Your Thursday Thirst

It's 11 p.m. on a Thursday and the combination of heels on the sidewalk and Meek Mill blasting through speakers is taking over Main St. Down past Just Pizza and Northside Bar, there are women gliding to the front of the line while guys wait impatiently to enter the popular bar Mojo's.


Never Forget

When Matt Huberfeld, a junior communication major, was 10 years old he began to learn about the Holocaust in Hebrew school. When his grandmother was 10 years old, she was living it.


A Time to Remember and a Time to Forget

At the age of 15, Joe Diamond awoke to German soldiers barging into his home. They dragged him and his family out into the streets of his small town within Czechoslovakia. As he was hauled away, all he could hear was the ridicule coming from the window of one of his neighbors: "Can I have your winter coat?"


Are You LinkedIn?

Aakash Agarwal, a junior economics major, Googled himself to see what he would find. The first link in his results wasn't Facebook, like he assumed it would be - it was LinkedIn.


Healing the World Around Him

He lies on his stomach listening to the buzzing sound of the needle as it pierces his right calf. After 45 minutes, the masterpiece is complete. Demire Coffin-Williams was inked with a Tibetan prayer for the healing of the entire world - plants and animals included.

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