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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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TRON: Legacy

Grade: B- Lightcycle races and pixilated explosions are great to look at, but aren't enough to save Disney's TRON: Legacy from the grips of mediocrity. TRON: Legacy is a reboot of the famed TRON franchise that got its start with the 1982 cult classic TRON.


deadmau5 is Alive and Recording

Artist: deadmau5 Album: 4x4=12 Label: Mau5trap, Ultra Records, Virgin Records. Release Date: Dec. 7 Grade: B+ Tom loves the name of this Canadian electronic artist - Jerry, not so much. Joel Zimmerman, better known by his stage name deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse"), released his newest album, 4x4=12, on Dec.


Just Charlie is Just Decent

Artist: Charlie Wilson Album: Just Charlie Grade: C+ In the 1980s, Charlie Wilson brought funky music to the world as the front man of The Gap Band.



Grade: C- Like most failing franchises, all Mickey Mouse needed was a gritty reboot to place him back in the hearts and minds of children around the world. Sadly, all thoughts of the mouse with the largest ears on television will be negative after kids get their hands on Warren Spector's interpretation of the age-old rodent in Epic Mickey. Like many games before it, Epic Mickey's appeal is limited to the ease of control of its main protagonist, and after spending five minutes with the game, players will groan, as the camera can almost never quite capture the on-screen action. The landscape is one that has never been explored by the mouse's eccentric designer, and the barren wasteland makes the perfect place for the attempted narrative Spector presents.


The Walking Dead Rises

Heartfelt storytelling and brain-splattering gunshots have proven to be a winning combination with AMC's latest series, The Walking Dead. Sunday night saw the season finale to AMC's new post-apocalyptic horror series.


Ninjas vs. Cowboys

Movie: The Warrior's Way Release Date: Dec. 3 Grade: B Move over pirates: The Warrior's Way, a new action film from rookie director Sngmoo Lee, is proving that ninjas and cowboys are really where the action is. The story of The Warrior's Way is that of assassin Yang (Dong-gun Jang, Good Morning President), who travels to the West to escape his clan, which is after him for failing to complete a mission.


"Fake Problems, Real Music"

There are two foolproof ways to beat the frigid Buffalo winter: Florida sunshine and punk music. Fake Problems combines both of these cures and delivers it directly to the listener's ear buds. This Naples, Fla.


Winter Movie Previews

Tron: Legacy Release Date: Dec. 17 Starring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund Rev up your Light Cycles and get ready because Tron: Legacy is almost here. Tron: Legacy, the follow up to the 1982 cult classic Tron, releases nationwide Dec.

The Spectrum

Winter Video Game Previews

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Blizzard's multi-billion dollar franchise is releasing another mind-numbingly addictive expansion just in time to engulf players' upcoming winter break.


Prescription for love

Movie: Love and Other Drugs Release Date: Nov. 24, 2010 Grade: B In a world where it seems like there is a new romantic comedy coming out every five minutes, it's refreshing when a filmmaker can put a new spin on an overdone trend.


Aqueous Reigns Over the Local Jam-Band Scene

Brad Darrall, a senior mechanical engineering major, and Evan McPhaden, a senior environmental studies major, are part of one of UB's best-kept secrets. It's called Aqueous, and it's not a vocabulary word from one of their science classes (although it used to be). It's one of Western New York's most exciting up-and-coming jam bands. Comprised of Mike Gantzer (guitar/vocals), Dave Loss (guitar/vocals), McPhaden (bass), Darrall (drums), and Nick Sonricker (percussion), Aqueous describes itself as "Buffalo's most dynamic and exciting live band." Although the group often sounds a lot like another jam band with UB roots ? moe.


A Week in Ink: Issue No. 11

JLA / The 99 Issue No. 2 In a time of mass hysteria and all-too-common misconceptions, publisher Teshkeel Comics seeks to change the way the West sees the Islamic faith through a well-orchestrated ink and panel production. The 99 are the fruit of that labor ? a coalition of Muslim superheroes that emulates the American-born franchise, The Justice League.


Disney Does it Again

Movie: Tangled Release Date: Nov. 24 Grade: A- Disney continues its virtually unblemished track record for producing entertaining, family-friendly fun with its newest animated film Tangled. Tangled is based on the Rapunzel fairy tale.


Burlesque Made Boring

Grade: C- It's the oldest story in the book. In fact, it's so old, it borders on embarrassing. Ali (Christina Aguilera, Entourage), a wholesome, blue-eyed, blonde, small-town girl, goes to Hollywood in order to find fame and fortune.


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