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(08/31/18 8:54pm)

Pete Hill, ‘91 alum and “All Our Relations” director of the Native American Communities Services of Erie & Niagara Counties, speaks at the Native American welcome event outside the Student Union. NACS will work with the Office of Inclusive Excellence and faculty members this year to bring more inclusive events to UB.

(08/29/18 11:18pm)

Alice in Chains spent six albums perfecting a guitar heavy, bombastic sound that listeners have come to know and love. Three albums in with latest lead singer William DuVall, Alice in Chains attempts to keep the ball rolling off of the success of their previous two albums. With "Rainier Fog," however, Alice in Chains sounds lost in its own complacent mindset bent on maintenance rather than experimentation.

(08/29/18 11:12pm)

From The Smiths to Modest Mouse, Johnny Marr has left a lasting impression in popular music. "I feel an almost weird responsibility to honor the guitar within indie rock," Marr said. Currently on tour in support of his third solo album, "Call the Comet," The Spectrum spoke with the legendary guitarist concerning his past, present and future, as well as his influences. 

(08/29/18 10:23pm)

The film season between August and September provides the perfect mix of bad horror films and cheesy summer blockbusters to distract students from syllabus week. The Spectrum knows you need some quality emotional escapism to forget about your impending textbook purchase, and we've got you covered. 

(08/29/18 10:12pm)

Hundreds of copyrighted, professor-made material is posted on “note-taking” platforms such as OneClass and CourseHero. Students can earn everything from gift cards to cash credits for posting notes for specific courses, and the platforms host tens of thousands of documents overall.