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Buffalo roams again

(09/21/05 4:00am)

There is a saying that once you hit rock bottom, the only place left to go is up. And that is why Buffalo's future looks promising in comparison to its recent past. Better days lie ahead for a city that has taken body blows for decades, yet refused to fall. A city that has been a whipping boy for comedians, broadcasters and the national press over the years just might find itself having the last laugh in the end.

9/11/05: business as usual

(09/12/05 4:00am)

The flags were flying at half-mast throughout campus yesterday in remembrance of those who perished in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. If one missed seeing them, they would be hard-pressed to find any indication of what happened that fateful day being observed on UB's campuses. UB, like the rest of the nation, is moving on from the pain of 9/11 but its overarching effects on our daily lives should never be overlooked.


(09/12/05 4:00am)

In the Sept. 7 column "No sympathy for stupidity," Sports Editor Jennifer Gillan wrote that former UB football player Mike Radon "ignored" his need to drop classes, and his family "showed no initiative" in taking care of his bills. The Spectrum cannot support either of those statements as facts and retracts them from the column.

Reactionary revolution stunts progress

(09/09/05 4:00am)

The latest casualty of the Bush Administrations war on science was Dr. Susan Wood, the Food and Drug Administration's ranking women's health expert. Her departure occurred due to the hyper-partisan politics the administration regularly engages in at the expense of the scientific community. In this case, the refusal to approve Plan B provides another example of science taking a backseat to the conservative reactionary mindset of an administration that suppresses what doesn't fit its political agenda, a closed-minded train of thought that is permeating across many parts of the country.

Supreme Court double down

(09/07/05 4:00am)

With the recent death of William H. Rehnquist, John G. Roberts's upcoming conformation hearings have taken on added weight because Bush has nominated him to become chief justice of the United States. The selection has not figured prominently in most media outlets due to the blanket coverage given to Hurricane Katrina. This is unfortunate because the nomination, coupled with a yet-to-be-determined pick for Sandra Day O'Connor's vacancy, will shape the future of the court for decades to come. It should be at the forefront of media coverage because of its impact on our daily lives, and our future.

Growing with respect

(09/02/05 4:00am)

President John Simpson's vision for the future is ambitious, increasing the student body by at least 5,000 students while adding an additional 250 faculty members. But he needs to ensure UB can support all those extra people. What concerns us is the pressure the extra students can place on the UB community. Grand ideas without proper planning often wind up causing more harm than good.