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A bar near South Campus could be good for both students and community, but Main Place isn’t going about it in the right way

(11/13/17 3:48pm)

A local businessman wants to open up a bar on Main Street near South Campus. The proposed bar, called Main Place, has sparked controversy. University Heights residents fear the night life destination will cause disruption in their neighborhood. The owner wants to put in black tinted windows, which would violate Buffalo’s Green Code Ordinance. The venue also masqueraded as a restaurant in its liquor license application, which raises ethical concerns. And because the bar will host 18 and up event nights, there are underage drinking concerns.

What happened to Dr. B?

(11/09/17 3:22pm)

UB removed popular African-American studies adjunct professor Kushal K. Bhardwaj from his classroom of 90 students two-thirds of the way through the semester. Over two weeks, students heard rumors of why “Dr. B” had not shown up for class and then, on Oct. 17 his students met their new professor.

Students need a chance to defend themselves

(10/26/17 2:19pm)

UB students charged with misconduct cannot have a lawyer or law student represent them when they go before UB’s Student-Wide Judiciary panel. It doesn’t matter what the charge is. It could be for smoking pot, for cheating or for assault or rape. It also doesn’t matter how well-suited the student is to put up the defense. The shy introvert must mount a defense alone, as must the anxiety-ridden, the mumbler and the non-native speaker.