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Letter to the editor

(10/24/19 3:07am)

When I first read Mr. Newkirk’s piece, I thought it was a troll. It drips with the unwarranted smugness of conservative pundits like Ben Shapiro. It loudly proclaims its ignorance of the subject, while at the same time denouncing its critics as “historically illiterate,” and parades opinions as fact. The author spends quite a bit of time rambling about…identity politics? I’m not sure what he was trying to do in the introduction, aside from hit all the right right-wing keywords to maximize his appearance in search results. Perhaps it’s an attempt to “trigger” the audience? I am embarrassed that the Spectrum would run such clickbaity garbage, even under the guise of an opinion piece. Initially when I saw the tweet asking for responses to the piece, I felt it was best ignored, as Mr. Newkirk is clearly looking for attention, but the historian in me will not let gross inaccuracies parade itself as historical fact.

Letter to the editor

(10/20/19 10:21pm)

The date of 1492, via educational propaganda, has been etched into the American consciousness as being the year Christopher Columbus and the western world “discovered” America. Christopher Columbus’ mission was to find a direct route from Europe to Asia but landed in what is now known as the Bahamas. Despite never setting foot in America his white-washed legacy has been fortified and granted a national holiday.