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The Incredible Strip Mall Jungle

(03/18/02 5:00am)

The wind blows through the empty street, past the hollow storefronts begging to be leased. No, it is not the beginning of a Western showdown, but a battle is raging. There are those who wish to preserve all the historic value and attraction downtown Buffalo has to offer. Their battle is against those who take their $40,000 SUVs and push the ever-expanding limits of the "greater Buffalo area."

Stop the Insanity

(02/22/02 5:00am)

Like all the horrible hazing stories from past years, the death of an Alfred student and other similar incidents recently reminded me of the value of thinking for yourself. Organizational plus peer pressure equals bad. The sorority idea was never really anything that interested me. Although my way has never been the strikingly popular route, it has been my way.

Motivation Behind Female Evil in Strauss Operas Explained

(09/10/01 4:00am)

Opera buffs gathered Saturday morning to learn about the women of Richard Strauss' operas in the serene setting of the Burchfield-Penney Art Center at Buffalo State College. Stratton Rawson, special projects producer for classical music radio station WNED, lectured his audience on how Strauss used lyrics and instrumentation to convey his characters' emotions.