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Letter To The Editor

(03/03/03 5:00am)

$2 per student per semester. What is that, one beer at The Steer? Almost the amount required for one ticket to see the latest Ben Affleck film? Somehow, the Student Association Senate found this amount to be so prohibitive as to force them to deny students the opportunity to vote on raising The Spectrum subscription fee by $4. Their approval of the proposal would not raise the fee, merely allow UB's undergraduate population the option of choosing to do so themselves.

"Fair Dominated by Pity, Contempt, Loathing"

(04/03/02 5:00am)

Last week's Career Fest 2002 was not a hot bed of the smiles and handshakes of twenty-somethings landing their first "real" jobs, but rather characterized by strong negative emotions of pity, loathing and contempt. A large percentage of students, mostly liberal arts majors, mentally hurled roiling waves of contempt at lines of technical, medical and business majors who enjoyed high demands for their skills while they toiled for the crumbs of leftovers.

Generation Article Solves All University's Problems

(04/03/02 5:00am)

In response to a critical examination of UB and its policies published this week in Generation magazine, UB announced yesterday sweeping, fundamental changes to the very structure of the university. The article, entitled "An Open Letter to Change," reprinted in this Thursday's New York Times, clearly, concisely and with few spelling or grammatical errors illustrated fundamental flaws with the priorities pursued by the current administration and remedies to be implemented.