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Letter To The Editor

(10/08/01 4:00am)

I became disheartened and distressed by Walter Simpson's opinion piece "Resisting the Call to War" in Friday's Spectrum. What will it take for people to respond and defend our country, our way of life? Why do our actions have to be retaliatory? Were we not just attacked and are not more attacks on our home imminent in the future? Wouldn't our so-called "retaliation" then be an act to defend ourselves, to pursue justice? "A cowardly Congress?" These people are making moves to protect us! What are we supposed to do, offer a "compassionate hand" to fanatical Islamic militants as they continue to plot and carry out mass murders? They will cut off that hand and then, as we propose more philosophical arguments about what to do, they will kill more innocent people. Will more "peace vigils" really keep terrorists from killing our families, friends, and our way of life?