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"UB offers new master's degree, certificate program in historic preservation"

(04/08/14 4:00am)

You might see them touring the dark caverns of the grain elevators on the bank of the Buffalo River, or catch a glimpse of them in the halls of Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House Complex. Historical preservationists, many of whom are also professors, can be found all across the Buffalo area working on conservation projects.

Battling 'slut-shaming'

(02/11/14 5:00am)

Her heels echo on the aluminum floor. The wrinkled skirt she wears shifts back and forth as her body struggles to stay balanced. Flyaway hair strands frame her face, which is covered in smudged eyeliner and remnants of lip stain. Stockings bunch awkwardly at the knees, and the early-morning sun reflects off the label-less plastic bottle poking out of her purse.

UB community reacts to State of the Union address

(01/30/14 5:00am)

"I was very annoyed by it and disappointed because I feel like he just made a lot of agreeable statements that didn't really give you any information about what's really happening in America right now... Raising the minimum wage is a crazy idea because it only hurts the economy and hurts jobs and small businesses ... I would like for him to stop making all of these statements about how he's going to do things with or without Congress ... That to me is not very presidential at all. It doesn't show the qualities of a leader."