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Political Scientists Call Campaign Finance Reform Bill Ineffective

(02/25/02 5:00am)

The issue of campaign finance reform has dominated legislative attention in recent weeks, as the hotly-debated Shays-Meehan bill passed the House of Representatives Feb. 14 with a vote of 240-189. The bill, sponsored by Christopher Shays, R-Conn., and Martin T. Meehan, D-Mass., will soon be debated on the Senate floor.

Constructive Criticism

(12/03/01 5:00am)

As a second-year columnist I have become accustomed to angry criticism levied from those at odds with my opinions. My personal e-mail account, the Spectrum e-mail account and my mailbox in 132 Student Union are often stuffed with comments from opposing readers, typically from conservative students attacking my left-of-center views.

"An Interview with Charles Kernaghan, Executive Director of the National Labor Committee for Human Rights (NLC)"

(11/07/01 5:00am)

Five years ago, Kathie Lee Gifford and sweatshops became inextricably linked in the public eye when Charles Kernaghan and the NLC revealed the deplorable working conditions in the Honduran factories where Gifford's Walmart-based clothing line was produced.