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The advice column you didn't ask for, but you'll wish you did

(04/25/19 4:07pm)

Hello, teens! It’s us, Dan and Sarah. In our advanced age (We both graduated in 2018), we’ve decided to bestow some of our sweet, sweet post-grad wisdom in order to make sure you enjoyed your time here before you shake President Tripathi’s hand. And don’t worry, you’ll find out who Tripathi is eventually, we all did. 

Cone Spotting

(03/29/18 7:20am)

For some, the upside-down cone filling in a pothole near the UB Commons is simply that: an upside-down cone. For online lover of cones Kalil Hendel, it’s “a sharp, absurdist commentary on the complex relationship between issues of public safety and the establishment response.”

Hear Me Out: 'Animal Crossing' prepared us for a cruel world

(11/30/17 8:00am)

“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” has accomplished an overnight bloodless coup d’état of phones worldwide. Suddenly, everyone is building campers, making friends with needy dogs and frogs and putting together a campsite in their own image. Friend codes are being thrown out on social media, allowing people to quickly connect and visit other campsites. “Pocket Camp” memes are already a thing and the game’s only been out in the U.S. for just over a week.

Around Town: Breakfast eats

(11/30/17 8:07am)

Breakfast is not just for breakfast anymore. The brilliant roster of pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, omelets and coffee put breakfast at the top of the food chain. More and more places serve breakfast all day and honestly, why wouldn’t you? There’s not a more wholesome way to spend time with loved ones than over French toast and hash browns. Here’s a quick rundown of the best places to pick up some morning munchies in Buffalo.