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Comedian Chris D’Elia shares hot takes in preparation for upcoming CFA show


Chris D’Elia doesn’t care if he offends anyone, and he’s certainly not afraid of Ludacris.

He’ll roast the world’s most prominent pop stars, impersonate your favorite rapper and, if you talk back on Twitter, he’ll take you on too. 

The comedian has been in the game since 2006, and his authentic approach to stand-up has earned him two Netflix specials, a seat on Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast panel and a massive online following. D’Elia takes his “Follow the Leader Tour” to the Center for the Arts on Sept. 27, testing out new material for an upcoming comedy special. 

The Spectrum talked with the comedian recently about some of his hot takes and what to expect from his show. 

Q: So recently you’ve had your Eminem impression blow up on the internet with millions of views. You’ve done it on your podcast before but this is the most reception it’s gotten so far. When your material goes viral, does this put a damper on putting it in a special or do you separate your online thoughts and stand up? 

A: I usually just do whatever I feel like. If I have a bit I’m working on onstage, I won't put it online. I’ll save it for a special or TV event. Sometimes on my podcast I’ll say something and then it’ll be like the birth of an idea that will then turn into a bit, so I do it that way. It doesn’t even matter nowadays if you come up with something and it goes viral. Then more people come and see you do stand up, so it all works out in the end I feel like.

Q: What were your thoughts on the new record? You mentioned that Eminem’s fan base is predominately “45 year-old white men with beige hair and Dockers” in the past. Does this still hold true? 

A: I was probably just messing around. He’s really talented. I love Eminem. He’s one of the greats, right? A lot of people who are ‘old heads’ like him but that’s just because he’s been around for a while. 

Q: I can’t talk about Twitter without asking you about a couple of your tweets. Recently you’ve tweeted that you wish Alex Jones was still on the site so you can tweet “s––––y stuff” to him, and then you tweeted that you’re convinced Akon is 3-foot-6. Would you rather have confirmation that Akon is three feet tall or would you rather directly infuriate Alex Jones? 

A: I would like to probably infuriate Alex Jones because he needs it. And I don’t have any good authority on Akon at all. I do know Alex Jones is an a–––––e so I would love to get him pissed.

Q: With this Akon thing, I looked it up and he’s only four inches shorter than you. Where did this idea stem from?

A: Oh no, because he sounds like he’s short with the auto tune, which is why I said it on a podcast. I was just talking about how he sings and it sounds like he’s smaller than normal and then I went on a stupid bit about it. 

Q: Your upcoming show will be your second time at UB in two years. What are your general feelings toward college shows as opposed to your regular clubs and whatnot? 

A: It’s all different. If you’re doing a show at a college or at a club, you know, you just keep it in mind. You don’t change anything but you just keep it in mind. College kids, they don’t laugh. They laugh probably the least because they’re too afraid to laugh, because they don’t want to be the biggest laugher. Then they think they’re like the biggest dork or not the cool guy. But I don’t give a f—k. I’m there because they’re paying me and they’ve got some people that want to see me so I’ll go and do my act. If you like it, great. 

Q: You really went in during the Justin Bieber roast and went after other people who were there as well and you may not have been as familiar with them as Justin. When grilling someone, are you ever afraid of retaliation from somebody you don’t know? 

A: Nah, nah. I’m a comedian, that’s what happens. If they want to do it, they’ll do it. Otherwise, who am I going to be worried about, Ludacris? No. 

Q: From what I understand the worst thing in comedy is a heckler. Would you rather have Alex Jones attend your show –– I know these Alex Jones ‘what ifs’ keep coming up –– or a crowd full of hecklers? 

A: No, I hate hecklers. If Alex Jones wants to come to the show, he can come to the show. 

Q: Is it easier to poke fun at college students? Which crowd do you think gets offended more at your direction with some stuff, a college crowd or…? 

A: I don’t care. I don’t care if anyone’s offended. F––k ‘em. I think that college kids like when you make fun of them but I can’t think about who I’m going to offend, and I don’t. If you’re upset, that’s your problem.

Q: What type of material should fans expect for this “Follow the Leader Tour” on Sept. 27 at the Center for the Arts?

A: Just all new stuff. If you’re coming to the tour and you haven’t seen it yet, it’s all new stuff about my life and stupid silly ideas that I’ve had so I hope you enjoy.

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