Letter to the editor: SA President Minahil Khan statement on senate chair election controversy

Editor's note: Student Association President Minahil Khan submitted his letter to The Spectrum. It has not been changed in any way. 

Comment on SA Senate, Wednesday October 16th from Minahil Khan

I apologize for any procedural error that took place at the SA Senate meeting on Wednesday October 14th. I was acting on precedent that I have seen during my time in SA and my understanding of the proper procedures.

I can genuinely say that any procedural error was an honest mistake and had absolutely no vindictive motivation. I have had limited interaction with all three of the candidates that ran for the Senate Chair election and have no reason to favor any one of them over the other.

I am looking forward to working with all of the senators to help resolve this matter and have a productive year. Unfortunately, no one can reverse the actions that took place last Wednesday but it is important that we continue moving forward.

As your President, the best I can do in this situation is be honest and help explain my decisions. I encourage any who has any further questions or concerns to email me at minahilk@buffalo.edu