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Life with fibromyalgia

03/13/17 8:59am | By MADDY FOWLER

On any given day, I experience widespread, chronic pain that ranges from mild to debilitating.

I have fibromyalgia: a medical condition characterized by chronic widespread muscle pain, heightened pain response to pressure, extreme fatigue, altered sleep, poor memory and impaired concentration


My eating disorder recovery story

03/06/17 1:46pm | By MADDY FOWLER

I can remember hating my body as far back as eight years old. I remember reading my mom’s diet books late at night in middle school.

By age thirteen, I had tried South Beach, Atkins and Weight Watchers.


Tori Roseman

How my determination led to success

03/05/17 7:40pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

For a student, nothing is more frustrating than thinking you’re done with homework, or a project only to figure out you messed up and need to start over.

After about a semester of reporting, this is exactly what happened with my article, “Isolated: International Students not Integrated.”


Is Melania Trump the modern-day Marie Antoinette?

02/27/17 1:14pm | By MOLLY DIETZ

Melania Trump is featured on the cover of February’s Vanity Fair Mexico in diamonds – a must see.

The First Lady is wearing diamond rings and bracelets and posed as if she is “eating” a bowl of stringed jewels like spaghetti. Inside the issue, there is another photo of Melania drinking a jewel-laced cocktail through a straw.

Her cover photo is being criticized as insensitive and out of touch, coming at a tense time between Mexico and the United States.


Trans rights are human rights

02/27/17 1:02pm | By MADDY FOWLER

On Sunday, I was one of roughly 100 people who gathered in Niagara Square to rally for transgender rights and protest President Donald Trump’s administration’s recent legislation on trans bathroom rights.


Bronchitis woes

02/22/17 9:46pm | By MADDY FOWLER

It started with a cough – nothing out of the ordinary for someone with allergies and asthma. I brushed it off; I was not about to let a tickle in my throat foil my Saturday night plans.


​I’m still a man…

02/09/17 9:59am | By DANIEL PETRUCCELLI

Lately, I’ve been having trouble shaving.

When I was a kid I used to watch a show called Family Matters (better known as the Steve Urkel show) every morning when I got ready for school.


Letter from the editor: A call to action

02/02/17 1:57pm | By GABRIELA JULIA

I understand. We live in a time of fear. Anonymity is safe.

And no one trusts the media.

It’s discouraging for someone like me, who wants to be a journalist and who believes in the value of a free press. If we can’t tell your stories, how will people know them?


My 2017 weight loss goal: stay exactly the same

01/22/17 10:09am | By LINDSAY GILDER

Instead of setting out to lose weight this year, my fitness goal is to accept my body the way it is. This isn’t me giving up on being healthier or in better shape. This is me learning to love myself along the way; everything from the tummy pudge to the thigh jiggle that nearly every girl privately shames herself for, no matter the size.


Live for tomorrow

12/07/16 11:59pm | By GABRIELA JULIA

We are young, but we are not invincible.

We are impulsive and daring because we can never imagine that right now is our last moment. We tend to forget that tomorrow is only promised for some.


Letter to the editor: Finding a focus, what kind of department are we?

12/07/16 11:52pm

Technique is coming after and coming through reading, thinking, and observing. It is aimed at weeding through all of those false intentions and hurried rushed reactive false starts, we're starting from noticing, considering the dynamics of our surroundings, before jumping to record what we don't yet understand.


My first Christmas tree: Non-Jewish things are harder than they look

12/07/16 11:30pm | By MAX KALNITZ

Around this time of year, everyone gets excited about going back home and doing festive “Christmasy” activities: decorating their Christmas tree, getting together with their family, going to church (whether they like it or not) and making cookies.

But, if you’re Jewish like me, you’ve probably never gotten a chance to do some of these things.


Protesting the president-elect

12/04/16 5:34pm | By MADDY FOWLER

When I finally gathered enough emotional strength to watch Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, I sobbed the whole way through.

One line in particular resonated with me: “Please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.” I wrote that sentence in my journal over and over again and hung the page above my desk.

Even though the unimaginable had happened, I refused to accept defeat.