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Letter from the editor: The Spectrum stands with The Capital Gazette

06/29/18 1:37pm | By HANNAH STEIN

On Thursday afternoon, a gunman broke through the glass at Maryland’s Capital Gazette daily newspaper and killed five reporters. This was a targeted attack, an act of distinct hatred -- a tragic attack on our society.

The five staff members went to work for the sole purpose of serving the public and will not return home to their families, will not return to their duty of telling the stories to the public or live to see justice.


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A lost soul

03/26/13 12:00am | By ALYSSA MCCLURE

Recently, I've felt lost. Not an "I ended up in NSC when my class is in Clemens because I was daydreaming and haven't eaten in 24 hours and got three hours of sleep last night" kind of lost. And that's OK.


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Commuting to college

03/20/13 12:00am | By LISA EPSTEIN , LISA EPSTEIN

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