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Is secrecy and corruption UB's new normal?

12/07/17 4:59am | By Editorial Board

For our final paper of 2017, we at The Spectrum want to reflect on our stories –– the stories we kept thinking about weeks after they left the shelf.

As student journalists, we look for trends. We try to understand the way the university works.

And we cannot ignore the recent trend of obfuscation and unanswered questions.


New York says 'yes' to yes

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Finding the light within the madness

09/30/14 7:41pm | By GISELLE LAM , GISELLE LAM

Letter to the Editor

09/30/14 6:24pm

Dear Editor,

We are writing in response to The Spectrum’s editorial “In Prison for Parenting: Inaccessibility of legal abortion options leads to unnecessary risks and repercussions” published on Sept.


Cultural icon or corporate image - Labatt logo on grain silos a questionable choice

09/30/14 5:26pm | By Editorial Board , Editorial Board

UB hits 'undo' on a mistake in the making

09/28/14 9:38pm

In prison for parenting

09/28/14 9:33pm

Mutua's unsettling tenure

09/26/14 1:49am

"Kudos to UB for revamping gen ed, but, please cut the jargon"

09/26/14 1:46am

Letter to the Editor

09/23/14 8:18pm

We really believed you and the Spectrum when you assured us that no other unbalanced story would be published. Unfortunately, that trust was breached with your recent coverage of the StandWithUs event put on by UB for Israel. The story was filled with multiple misquotes and fallacies, and was blatantly biased.