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'My Beautiful Dark Twitter fantasy'

21 hours ago | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET

On April 15, Kanye came out of hiding and resurfaced on Twitter. He just ranted as per usual. He tweeted about his favorite t-shirt designs, consciousness, creativity and trends, finding ways to somehow make each tweet less transparent and more inspirational than the last. But even with inspiration coming from his fingertips, Kanye still managed to rile some fans up.


Long Island must accept that education is a universal right

10/26/14 4:10pm

"After 15 years of silence, the Ralph makes welcome return to the concert scene"

10/26/14 3:45pm

Give 'em a reason

10/23/14 6:45pm | By OWEN O'BRIEN , OWEN O'BRIEN

Letter to the editor

10/23/14 5:17pm

Cheaters never prosper - but at UNC they won championships

10/23/14 5:15pm

"Buffalo's homeless need assistance, not analysis"

10/23/14 5:12pm

"Half alive, half dead"


We need protection from guns - and the Cuomo administration

10/21/14 6:11pm | By Editorial Board , Editorial Board

There goes the neighborhood

10/21/14 6:09pm | By Editorial Board , Editorial Board

Staying in house

10/19/14 7:56pm | By Tom Dinki , Tom Dinki

"Right to die should be a given, not a rarity"

10/19/14 2:35pm

No laughs for Lululemon

10/19/14 2:33pm

Texas's misogyny is an undue burden on us all

10/16/14 8:32pm

Finally firing Quinn: the right play

10/15/14 2:03am