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'My Beautiful Dark Twitter fantasy'

19 hours ago | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET

On April 15, Kanye came out of hiding and resurfaced on Twitter. He just ranted as per usual. He tweeted about his favorite t-shirt designs, consciousness, creativity and trends, finding ways to somehow make each tweet less transparent and more inspirational than the last. But even with inspiration coming from his fingertips, Kanye still managed to rile some fans up.


Winterfest 2015: Chili in a bag, broomball and below freezing temperatures

Despite attendance issues, Winterfest earns an A

02/19/15 9:27pm | By Editorial Board

This university may not cancel classes as often as students would like, but at least they manage to make sub-zero temperatures enjoyable every now and then.

With its sixth-annual Winterfest following the decades-long tradition of winter festivals, UB once again established that snow and ice isn’t all bad – and that students here occasionally manage to enjoy Buffalo’s admittedly unenjoyable winters.


Erie County deputy's mistake is irreparable and inexplicable

02/17/15 12:18pm | By Editorial Board , Editorial Board

Buffalo's homeless can't come in from the cold

02/17/15 11:08am

Darkness shapes the light

02/15/15 8:52pm | By EMMA JANICKI , EMMA JANICKI

Cold feet

02/15/15 8:48pm | By MARLEE TUSKES , MARLEE TUSKES

"Expectations may have been too high, but Bulls brought it on themselves"

02/15/15 4:36pm | By Tom Dinki , Tom Dinki

"For the Buffalo Sabres, a trade to remember and a season to forget"

02/15/15 4:33pm

NAACP has had its fill of Fillmore

02/15/15 4:30pm

Let's make it explicit: it's OK to talk about sex

02/12/15 9:49pm

Buffalo's own 'Carrie Bradshaw'

02/12/15 8:17pm | By JACKIE GRABER , JACKIE GRABER

Don't mess with Fred Fest

02/12/15 5:51pm

Letter from the editor: How the digital age changes how we cover sex

02/11/15 4:20am

There?s a good chance you picked up The Spectrum today because you saw ?SEX? bold across the cover.

Maybe you?re a faithful reader, eager to pick us up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ? or, perhaps, you just wanted to read about fetishes, threesomes and the new sex shop on South Campus.

Look, I get it.

There?s a reason this is our most-read issue of the year.