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'My Beautiful Dark Twitter fantasy'

47 minutes ago | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET

On April 15, Kanye came out of hiding and resurfaced on Twitter. He just ranted as per usual. He tweeted about his favorite t-shirt designs, consciousness, creativity and trends, finding ways to somehow make each tweet less transparent and more inspirational than the last. But even with inspiration coming from his fingertips, Kanye still managed to rile some fans up.


An empty pocket

03/01/15 6:40pm | By Daniel McKeon

Last Sunday, I made a decision that would boggle the mind of even the least tech-dependent person out there. I willingly gave up my cell phone for one week.


The right to an HPV-free life

02/24/15 8:53pm | By Editorial Board

Teenagers in Erie County and across the United States have access to one of few vaccinations that can protect them against cancer. But in Buffalo, only around 30 percent of girls ages 13 to 17 have received the shot that can protect them from the human papillomavirus (HPV).