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Letter from the editor: The Spectrum stands with The Capital Gazette

06/29/18 1:37pm | By HANNAH STEIN

On Thursday afternoon, a gunman broke through the glass at Maryland’s Capital Gazette daily newspaper and killed five reporters. This was a targeted attack, an act of distinct hatred -- a tragic attack on our society.

The five staff members went to work for the sole purpose of serving the public and will not return home to their families, will not return to their duty of telling the stories to the public or live to see justice.


Rolling Stone’s attempts at apology for misreported UVA article cannot repair inaccurate reporting

04/07/15 8:51pm | By Editorial Board

Last November, Rolling Stone published “A Rape on Campus,” a feature story about the alleged violent gang rape of a University of Virginia student at a fraternity on campus. Instead of generating much-needed discussions about sexual assault and safety on college campuses, the article has garnered attention for the poor, unethical journalistic practices of Rolling Stone.


Exploring the backdoor

04/07/15 5:51pm | By JACKIE GRABER

According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviors, 34 percent of men and 16 percent of women reported having anal sex with their casual partners of an opposite sex.


Indiana travel ban

Cuomo's travel ban on Indiana includes UB Athletics

04/02/15 7:54pm

The University and its Athletics program are joining the ranks of organizations and individuals making a stand against Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which arguably legalized discrimination before it was amended Thursday evening.


Daniel McKeon

Dealing with depression

04/02/15 7:36pm | By Daniel McKeon

As anyone who has been depressed or has been close with a depressed friend knows, depression is an everyday struggle. It isn’t just feeling sad. It’s feeling like all of your energy has been sapped out of you, feeling like you’re worthless, that you’re letting everyone around you down. It’s struggling to remember what it was like to ever be happy. It’s barely being able to do the minimum.


What’s your number?

03/29/15 3:39pm | By JACKIE GRABER

Whether you meet in class, at a bar, in church or on Tinder, one of the first steps of fostering any potential romantic relationship is asking the guy or girl you’re interested in for his or her phone number. Then comes the other number. “How many people have you slept with?”


Bad landlords

Absentee landlords near UB South need a lesson in responsibility

03/26/15 7:24pm

From mildly annoying treks through unplowed sidewalks to more frightening late-night walks on dimly lit, rarely patrolled streets, students’ safety in the Heights is far from guaranteed as they go to and from their houses. UB has done little to address this issue, despite troubling crime statistics and pleas from the student body for a more equal dissemination of university resources. But for some students, the issue of unsafe conditions permeates beyond the city streets – right into their homes.