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Is secrecy and corruption UB's new normal?

12/07/17 4:59am | By Editorial Board

For our final paper of 2017, we at The Spectrum want to reflect on our stories –– the stories we kept thinking about weeks after they left the shelf.

As student journalists, we look for trends. We try to understand the way the university works.

And we cannot ignore the recent trend of obfuscation and unanswered questions.


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Letter from the editor: How the digital age changes how we cover sex

02/11/15 4:20am

There?s a good chance you picked up The Spectrum today because you saw ?SEX? bold across the cover.

Maybe you?re a faithful reader, eager to pick us up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ? or, perhaps, you just wanted to read about fetishes, threesomes and the new sex shop on South Campus.

Look, I get it.

There?s a reason this is our most-read issue of the year.


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