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Cuomo's ethics reform undermined by his lack of financial transparency

03/24/15 9:08pm

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo laid out his five-point plan for ethics reform, he proclaimed his party was creating a new standard for campaign disclosure, one which even merited its own catchphrase: “Explain the money.” But now that Senate Republicans expect Cuomo himself to “explain the money,” the governor is balking.


Far from friends

03/24/15 4:13pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

When I got a call at the end of June before my freshman year telling me my housing forms were not filled in correctly and I would not be provided dorming, I panicked. They told me I’d have to commute – which was an issue, considering I live on Long Island.


Buffalo's road woes must come to an end

03/12/15 6:45pm

Broken waterlines and bumpy roads are a constant headache for Buffalo residents, as this endless winter continues to wreak havoc on the most everyday – and essential – aspects of the region’s infrastructure. So although large-scale projects like a renovated Peace Bridge sound exciting, and undoubtedly will invite increased business activity to the area, Buffalo’s residents just need functional roads.



Truly Irish

03/12/15 6:33pm | By Daniel McKeon

As one of The Spectrum’s most Irish editors, I felt it was my duty to defend the essence of Ireland before it is bastardized yet again on St. Patrick’s Day.


Yik Yak

Anonymity on Yik Yak and idiocy go hand-in-hand

03/10/15 9:07pm

Essentially, if there’s a way to be offensive, “yakkers” will exploit it. If there’s a demographic to taunt, then it’ll be mocked on Yik Yak. If there’s an individual to bully, then the victim’s name will show up on the app.


Ripping off the duct tape: an analysis of virginity

03/08/15 3:21pm | By JACKIE GRABER

I remember high school sexual education well. Sophomore year, a modestly dressed woman came into our classrooms and pressed chunks of duct tape onto the hair of our forearms. After a short introduction, we were told to rip them off. This, she said, was symbolic of losing our virginities.