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Is secrecy and corruption UB's new normal?

12/07/17 4:59am | By Editorial Board

For our final paper of 2017, we at The Spectrum want to reflect on our stories –– the stories we kept thinking about weeks after they left the shelf.

As student journalists, we look for trends. We try to understand the way the university works.

And we cannot ignore the recent trend of obfuscation and unanswered questions.


An empty pocket

03/01/15 6:40pm | By Daniel McKeon

Last Sunday, I made a decision that would boggle the mind of even the least tech-dependent person out there. I willingly gave up my cell phone for one week.


The right to an HPV-free life

02/24/15 8:53pm | By Editorial Board

Teenagers in Erie County and across the United States have access to one of few vaccinations that can protect them against cancer. But in Buffalo, only around 30 percent of girls ages 13 to 17 have received the shot that can protect them from the human papillomavirus (HPV).


Winterfest 2015: Chili in a bag, broomball and below freezing temperatures

Despite attendance issues, Winterfest earns an A

02/19/15 9:27pm | By Editorial Board

This university may not cancel classes as often as students would like, but at least they manage to make sub-zero temperatures enjoyable every now and then.

With its sixth-annual Winterfest following the decades-long tradition of winter festivals, UB once again established that snow and ice isn’t all bad – and that students here occasionally manage to enjoy Buffalo’s admittedly unenjoyable winters.