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Basil overturned

Justice denied as Basil's guilty verdict is set aside

05/07/15 6:16pm

Closure remains a fleeting prospect for the loved ones of William Sager, who died after being pushed down a flight of stairs at Molly’s Pub last May. A jury determined in January that Jeffrey Basil, the manager of the University Heights-area bar, was guilty of second degree murder – seeming to bring to an end a long and painful story for those involved and offering a modicum of justice with the conviction.


My last college move

05/07/15 5:51pm | By EMMA JANICKI

When I transferred back home to Buffalo, I figured it was probably time to find “my thing” – you know, get involved, make friends, blah blah. At the beginning of the spring semester of my junior year I got a mass email: The Spectrum was hiring.


Shannon Evans writes good-bye letter to UB

05/06/15 12:28am

It is with a very heavy heart that I say goodbye to the college that I have grown to know and love for the past two years. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I have chosen to transfer to Arizona State to play basketball and reunite with my mentor and father figure, Coach Bobby Hurley.


U.S. Education Department must live up to its name

05/05/15 4:36pm | By Editorial Board

Students at UB generally have a manageable amount of debt, if any, upon graduation – ranked by U.S. News as 19th nationwide in graduating students with the least debt, UB sends more than half of its students off into the real world without any debt at all. The average debt owed by UB students upon graduation is $17,440.


Justice has not yet been served

05/03/15 4:42pm | By JAMES BATTLE

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby charged six Baltimore police officers with the unlawful death of Freddie Gray on Friday, who was arrested and beaten into a coma, later dying from his injuries. But while the arrest of the police officers has left some people with the idea that justice was done, it’s important not to get too hasty.


How to get your act together

05/03/15 4:33pm | By Daniel McKeon

It’s the end of the semester and no one really wants to do anything. The worst part is that this is the time where you really need to be doing the most. You need to get your act together. And here’s how.


Letter to the editor

05/03/15 1:51pm

This letter to the editor was written in response to an article published in the May 1 edition of The Spectrum entitled, “The branding initiative.”


Spring Awakening rocks crowd

04/30/15 10:20pm | By REBECCA VINCENT

Spring Awakening opened at the Center for the Arts last week and continues its performances this weekend. If you haven’t yet caught this talented group of students stomping, singing and moving through the struggles of adolescence – you should.


Business is booming in Buffalo – with a little help

04/30/15 4:30pm | By Editorial Board

As Buffalo continues to attract an influx of college graduates looking for work and establish itself as a location for incoming industries downtown, the importance of small businesses to the economy cannot be overlooked. Fortunately, there are several programs in Buffalo that emphasize the role of small businesses and support up and coming companies.


Buffalo Bucket List No. 12-15: Slacking Off

04/30/15 4:18pm | By Daniel McKeon

College is a time of meeting new people, exploring new ideas and growing as a person. But sometimes you just want to do absolutely nothing. Despite popular belief, there are actually different ways of going about doing nothing and certain milestones you can hit in your quest to shirk all responsibilities for a while.


“We the people” must practice what we preach

04/28/15 9:50pm | By JAMES BATTLE

I’m going to preface this column the best way I know how: I AM NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND. With that out of the way, I’ve seen a lot of hypocrisy lately on social media and in the news regarding how demonstrators are protesting against the police brutality – namely, in the city of Baltimore.