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Letter from the editor: The Spectrum stands with The Capital Gazette

06/29/18 1:37pm | By HANNAH STEIN

On Thursday afternoon, a gunman broke through the glass at Maryland’s Capital Gazette daily newspaper and killed five reporters. This was a targeted attack, an act of distinct hatred -- a tragic attack on our society.

The five staff members went to work for the sole purpose of serving the public and will not return home to their families, will not return to their duty of telling the stories to the public or live to see justice.


UB Bulls need to start winning against good MAC teams

10/03/15 11:52pm | By Tom Dinki

It’s a new era under new head coach Lance Leipold and different circumstances but the Bulls (2-3, 0-1 MAC) came up short against Bowling Green again on Saturday, this time with a 28-22 loss at UB Stadium for homecoming. And again Buffalo showed it’s not quite ready to beat the best of the MAC.


William Krause Billy

Boehner’s resignation is only a temporary fix to a Grand Old Problem

10/02/15 12:54am | By William Krause

Boehner’s resignation frees him from the pressure of Tea Party Republicans, who have been trying to compel him to take a harder stance against President Barrack Obama and the Democrat agenda. His speakership has been threatened on numerous occasions, and fellow Republicans had even filed motions to vote to remove him. Boehner has been known to be a dealmaker, and to alienate the president and Democrats on a consistent basis isn’t a great way to make deals. But by doing this, he had alienated part of his own party instead.


Not exactly a ‘time to be alive’

10/01/15 9:16pm | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

What A Time To Be Alive clocks in at 40 minutes with 11 tracks, most of which feature beats from Atlanta up-and-comer Metro Boomin’.

It’s hard to consider this a mixtape, especially based off the fact that this “mixtape” is being sold like an album – remember Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and its rollout?

Calling this project a mixtape gives Drake and Future a pass in mediocrity.


Jordan Grossman headshot

It’s a long way to the top for UB Bulls

10/01/15 11:59am | By Jordan Grossman

Saturday’s matchup against Bowling Green (2-2) will be the team’s biggest test to date and it may be its biggest all season. The Falcons have appeared in the MAC Championship game the past two years, including a victory in 2013. They defeated perhaps the most talented team in Buffalo program history in what was essentially a MAC East Championship game to get it by the way.


UPD crime cartoon

Crime report shows progress, but more information would be beneficial

09/30/15 2:54am | By Editorial Board

Transparency is key for any police department. University Police have done their part under the Clery Act to annually release crime reports, but we would like to see more.

While the report UPD released on Friday shows promising signs – like burglaries decreasing by 50 percent and robberies going down to just four total in 2014 – additional information on how many crimes were solved and a breakdown of what campus the crimes occurred on would be beneficial to get a real idea of crime on campus and the work being done by UPD.


Jordan Grossman headshot

UB Bulls are down, but certainly not out

09/27/15 12:02am | By Jordan Grossman

A 3-1 start for the Bulls would have been a feel-good story for a historically losing program with a new inspiring head coach. But with an ill-fated throw – and tip – with less than two minutes remaining, it all simply dissolved into another .500 start for the Bulls (2-2).


UB Bulls should be beware of the unknown

09/25/15 7:14pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

The Bulls (2-1) looked good against Florida Atlantic. You could even say they looked great. Despite the offensive inconsistencies, the Bulls put together a solid defensive performance – one that got nearly every player into the mix. The Bulls won’t continue to play like that for the rest of the season, but it was good to see the defensive line hold the Owl run game and watch some touted, questionable and unheralded playmakers make plays.


President Satish Tripathi

Letter to the editor: UB President Satish Tripathi sends The Spectrum statement regarding controversial art project and student complaints

09/24/15 9:09pm

September 24, 2015

Dear Students,

Starting last week, our campus community has been deeply affected by the controversial student art project that has sparked considerable response and dialogue across our university.

From my personal conversations with many of you, I know that our students continue to feel deeply hurt, saddened, confused, and angered by the events of the past week.


Enough debt is enough

09/23/15 1:03am | By Editorial Board

There is no real escape from student debt. Forty eight percent of UB students have taken out loans to get through school. Gone are the days when college could be paid for by working a part-time job during the semester. Costs have skyrocketed beyond affordability.


Creating more turnovers could propel UB football to a very successful season

09/22/15 10:23pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

For the Buffalo football team, I was interested in one area of regression: the turnover margin. The Bulls had just two interceptions all of last season – which seemed unfathomable to me. There are teams in both pro and college that pass the ball more than 50 percent of the time. There were six quarterbacks in college football who threw more than 500 passes last season and 41 threw more than 400 times.


Salty or sweet?: Hot takes on Drake and Future project don’t matter – it’s not that deep

09/22/15 8:23pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

Drake and Future’s most recent project has been out for two days – since its drop, the mixtape has been examined and analyzed from every aspect imaginable. Some common criticisms that have arisen so far: “I thought it was going to be better,” or “It’s not as good as Drake and Future’s old stuff,” and “It didn’t live up to its hype. It’s not that deep.


Too little, too late?: Sustainability efforts at UB seem lackluster

09/20/15 5:53pm | By Editorial Board

On the surface, UB Sustainability seems like a good thing. UB's effort comes across as noble. There's a lingering uncertainty that it's both not enough and a slightly calculated move. Furthermore, these efforts are entirely contingent on the students and faculty. We have to be the change – no outside body can force us to make the changes necessary.