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'My Beautiful Dark Twitter fantasy'

2 hours ago | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET

On April 15, Kanye came out of hiding and resurfaced on Twitter. He just ranted as per usual. He tweeted about his favorite t-shirt designs, consciousness, creativity and trends, finding ways to somehow make each tweet less transparent and more inspirational than the last. But even with inspiration coming from his fingertips, Kanye still managed to rile some fans up.


President Satish Tripathi

UB President Satish Tripathi gives update on art project policy

12/10/15 5:28pm

President Tripathi: an open letter to UB students

December 10, 2015

Dear Students:

As the semester is quickly coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to provide our campus community with an update regarding activities related to the continuing dialogues, programs, curricular discussions, and policy development in response to the controversial student art project from earlier this semester.


Not-so-triumphant Trump: Trump’s comments about Muslims have crossed the line

12/09/15 12:54am | By Editorial Board

These outlandish comments aren’t funny anymore. They’re not indicative of Trump’s wild approach to politics. They’re outright offensive and it’s time we take his words more seriously. Masses are supporting his provocative words, defending his position that in reality should never feasibly happen. Trump is encouraging racism and religious intolerance across the United States and putting our country in danger.


UB Bulls on the right track despite losses to Duke, Iowa State

12/08/15 4:33pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

On paper, the results weren’t pretty for the Buffalo men’s basketball team last week.

The Bulls (4-5) have lost three in a row, including a closer-than-you-think game against No. 5 Duke and a first half back-and-forth affair against No. 2 Iowa State. Buffalo is now under .500 for the first time this season.

But if you watched the games, you saw the Bulls begin to make strides as they head into the final stretch of non-conference play.


Dani Guglielmo

The unusual Buffalo weather

12/06/15 11:11pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Being a senior, it’s weird to be in the month of December without Buffalo being covered in snow and the weather still reaching the 40’s and 50’s. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to still wear a trendy and lighter fall coat as opposed to my oversized, puffy and heavy winter jacket.



I stand with Planned Parenthood

12/06/15 3:29pm | By MARLEE TUSKES

I was used to seeing the much-talked-about organization frequent the top-20 trending list, especially since it has been a common topic among the presidential candidate hopefuls. But I quickly went from nonchalantly scrolling through the tweets to reading in horror as I realized the enormity of the situation: a gunman was terrorizing a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.


Oklahoma Wesleyan University President slams students for playing the victim

12/04/15 2:56am | By Editorial Board

The letter split our editorial board. Some of us, while disagreeing with his brashness, agree with Piper’s core argument that college is meant to challenge one’s ideas and beliefs. We also feel Piper, a white male, and presumably wealthy one at that as a university president, may not have the right to tell certain groups of people how to deal with oppression he has likely never faced.


Don't count out the champs

UB's Joe Licata is 'Buffalo Joe'

12/01/15 8:26pm | By Jordan Grossman

It’s fair to say there’s been little stability in the UB football program over the past few seasons. The Bulls have had a coaching change. They’ve seen the highs of a bowl game in 2013 and the lows of back-to-back five-win and bowlless seasons the past two years. But through it all there has been one constant – Joe Licata, a local high school quarterback who stayed local and shattered most of the passing records at UB.


Hillary Clinton is not a leftist

11/22/15 1:15pm | By RUSSELL GUILBAULT

Firstly, Clinton has firmly established herself as a neocon of the highest order over her career as Secretary of State. She supports a barrier in the West Bank, advocated recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and blamed Hamas for the destruction caused by Israel’s disproportionate assault on Gaza last year.


Letter to the editor

11/21/15 2:42pm

They were a wake-up call, and perhaps a demonstration of how far parts of our current society and culture have drifted from the turbulent struggles of the 1950s through 1970s. Struggles that were to have alleviated the prevalence of “White Only” and “Black Only” mentalities.


Time to listen after clicking ‘post’

11/20/15 12:15am | By Editorial Board

Perhaps the general population needs to be reminded what an opinion is – a belief or judgment produced on a ground insufficient to produce certainty. That means everyone is entitled to have his or her own opinions and it’s not necessarily right or wrong.

And an opinion is meant to change based on discussion and new information.


Tom Dinki

Danny White brought quick success, but future is questionable

11/20/15 12:05am | By Tom Dinki

A Mid-Major like UB needs to think long-term. Nothing is a quick fix. You have to slowly inch your way up the college athletics landscape. You don’t, as White always liked to say, build “America’s next big-time college athletics brand” in three years.

White could move up a conference and get a larger budget to play with in three years. UB cannot.


Letter to the editor

11/19/15 3:58pm

I had intended to keep my thoughts about the “Whites Only” signs to myself until I read the letter to the Spectrum by Jonathan D.


Dani Guglielmo

Justin Bieber’s purpose

11/18/15 2:54am | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Bieber released his fourth studio album Purpose on Nov. 13 as his first project of new music after a two-year break of “bad behavior” and the follow-up to his previous album Believe.


Letter to the editor

11/17/15 6:07pm

In a letter from a significant percentage of the faculty in Transnational Studies, I was helpfully informed that the undersigned, “support those students arguing that art cannot always be only for art’s sake...” I am only puzzled as to who might possibly be construed as having made that argument. Surely not me, as in fact my work, and the work of the vast majority of my colleagues is defined by an activist, progressive social practice: my work is queer, others here deal with racial, gendered, ethnic and/or economic inequity. No one here airs that tired bromide “art for arts” sake. On the contrary we are on aggregate one of the most socially engaged art departments in the US. Just look at our course schedule.