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Letter to the editor: Why love one and eat the other?

04/10/16 12:20pm

Many people assume that the diet of a vegetarian or vegan is carried by a leafy salad. The options at UB for those refraining from animals and animal products would align with this notion.

The United States consumption of meat per capita is more than almost every other country on Earth by ten to twelve times over.


More students must vote in UB Student Assoication elections

04/05/16 11:11pm | By Editorial Board

SA controls a budget of around $4 million through the mandatory student activity fee of $104.75 a semester. The thought of just one SA-experienced party running for the three top positions in the organization and just six percent of all undergraduate students deciding who fills these positions is off-putting. It’s frankly a bit undemocratic.


Letter from Transparency candidate Maximillian Budynek

04/03/16 9:10pm

This year’s election clearly proves the need to overhaul the election process. While both parties worked tirelessly, reaching out to so many students over the election days, we could only accomplish a voter turnout that was somewhere in the ballpark of six percent of the entire student body. While speaking to so many of our peers, it was clear that they had no idea an election was even occurring. The University, and its Student Association, do not do enough to promote the election, and are doing an injustice to those who would have been interested in making their voices heard. Two days of speaking to clubs, and a poorly advertised debate, are simply not enough. A more publicized election will allow for a greater exchange of ideas, and more student involvement.


Despite controversial rhetoric, Milo Yiannopoulos has right to speak at UB

04/03/16 8:54pm | By Editorial Board

Free speech is a basic American principle that we have to respect. Whether or not we agree with Yiannopoulos’ ideas isn’t as important as whether or not he’s allowed to speak them. And sometimes, regardless of how different it may be from our own, it’s important to hear out others’ ideology because it’s how we learn about the other side of the political spectrum.


Letter to the editor: Student Association allocating money to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to UB is breach of students' safe space

04/03/16 8:40pm

We need to unify, we need to speak out when our equity is being taken away, and elected positions need to represent their student body instead of their own political views. The Student Association allocating $750 dollars to have a sexist, racist, transphobic, and homophobic speaker come to UB is in breach of your safe space. Speak out, become educated, and take a stance. Regardless of what your political views are I encourage you to do this as a member of the UB Community and as a student who funded this speaker through your mandatory student fee. Look into leadership positions on campus, become involved, and encourage your friends to speak up. Stop letting people “climb the ladder” for a resume builder or a power trip. If you feel strongly in opposition of Yiannopoulos, help organize rallies against him. We have a seat waiting for you at the table, come sit down and lean in.


Jordan Grossman

MLB awards and World Series predictions: Mets get redemption for last year's World Series loss

04/03/16 8:33pm | By Jordan Grossman

There's something about the allure of the youth movement. Some of the best players in the league aren’t even 25 yet. There’s still so much potential in these young rosters that may or may not break out this year.

So this season will be interesting. Who will prevail: the veterans who have been in these situations before or the young players who are primed to take over the game?


MLB awards and World Series predictions: Trout claims second MVP, Cubs win first championship since 1908

04/03/16 8:31pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

The World Series is just as open as ever. Half of the league, including the defending champion Kansas City Royals, could make the World Series this year. While the MVP awards seems destined for a handful of players, the Cy Young awards are always pretty random.

Let’s talk about the predictions for MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of The Year and World Series.


Jordan Grossman

If UB wants to become New York’s college team, it must start recruiting from New York – like Syracuse

04/02/16 7:22pm | By Jordan Grossman

But UB Athletics must understand Syracuse will always be New York’s college team. People know about Syracuse athletics, despite the fact it’s located in a city with a population of less than 150,000. Most people around the country have no clue about UB Athletics, despite the fact it plays in a city with a population of more than 250,000.


UB President Satish Tripathi’s statement on anti-Semitic incidents on campus

04/02/16 3:06pm

However, recent events – nationally as well as on our campus – are a sobering reminder that much work remains to be done. I am chagrined to note that these include a recent and deplorable act of anti-Semitic graffiti in one of our academic buildings. After a very thorough investigation by our UB Police Department, who responded immediately to remove the graffiti and increase campus patrols, we believe this to be an isolated incident. Regardless, this incident has been a source of pain and deep concern across our university community.


How lack of cooperation for a Supreme Court nomination is hurting the justice system

03/31/16 1:44pm | By Editorial Board

The confusion lies here – if the Senate is not actively looking to balance the Supreme Court, how is this doing their jobs? One job of the government is to enforce and apply justice, which is difficult to do with a split court. It is the Senate’s job to confirm Obama’s nominee and their avoidance of the topic means that they aren’t doing their jobs or abiding to their constitutional duty.


Why I’m leaving Buffalo

03/30/16 2:19am | By JOHN JACOBS

I decided to live in Buffalo partially because of peer pressure as well as the safe feeling of the decision. I don’t particularly like Buffalo’s weather – it was 65 degrees on Sunday and 40 degrees on Monday, and in a week it’s supposed to be 30 and possibly snowing; no thanks. I also went through some pretty bad depression at this school that I still struggle with some days.


American League predictions: Royals return to defend crown, Astros appear to be best team in league

03/30/16 2:00am | By QUENTIN HAYNES

The Major League Baseball season will start on April 3 with the New York Mets facing the Kansas City Royals. To kick off the baseball season, I wanted to provide some predictions on who will make the playoffs, who will win the major awards and who will ultimately walk away with a World Series championship.

Let’s start with the American League playoff teams.


Jordan Grossman

American League predictions: Yankees take the East, defending champs Royals take the Central

03/30/16 1:24am | By Jordan Grossman

If you predicted Josh Donaldson to take home MVP honors or no-name Dallas Keuchel to win the Cy Young, you are probably lying.

Last season was one of the most unpredictable years in the MLB’s American League in quite some time. Players that weren’t even on the radar before the season now enter as some of the hottest storylines to follow for the 2016 season.

There will always be fresh talent ready to amaze the baseball crowds. It’s just a matter of whom.

Here are my predictions for the 2016 AL playoff teams.


Tori Roseman

How Sweethome became my home

03/28/16 2:22am | By TORI ROSEMAN

Since fall of 2013, I’ve called Building 7 in the University Village at Sweethome my home. I have struggled with the room – initially, it put distance between my peers and me. It quickly became a scene in which my other friends were interested in participating in and they moved in with me.


Dan Emmons for UB Student Association treasurer

03/28/16 1:50am | By Editorial Board

It’s the position that deals most directly with SA’s budget and finances of student funds, and SA is really all about dispersing student funds, collected through the mandatory student activity fee, back to students in the best way possible.

Therefore a treasurer must be someone who is smart, experienced, professional and responsible, and that person is Dan Emmons of the Progress Party.


Spectrum endorses neither UB Student Association president, vice president ticket – and here’s why

03/28/16 12:57am | By Editorial Board

So instead we have come to the decision to allow you to know what he like – and do not like – about this year’s presidential and vice presidential candidates in the hopes of informing you as best we can before you head to the polls. We feel it is better to lay out our issues with each party than to mask our uncertainty with a hollow endorsement. 


Jordan Grossman

It would be best for Donyell Marshall and the UB Bulls if he stays put

03/25/16 12:05am | By Jordan Grossman

And it should be the only rumor he wants to hear as well.

I don’t understand why Marshall, even with his rich résumé in the NBA, would leave Mid-Major Buffalo just yet. I’ll say that again. Marshall, a 15-year veteran who has played with some of the NBA’s greatest, should stay at a program that reached just its second-ever postseason appearance.

You bet it.