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10 years in the making

11/20/17 11:16pm | By MAX KALNITZ

Two weeks ago, I eagerly woke up at 3:00 a.m. along with thousands of other people around the world to order what Apple is calling “the future.”

When Apple released the first iPhone 10 years ago, it revolutionized the cellphone industry. The original handset played a large role in the development of the tech industry and has influenced how we communicate today.


F is for family

11/20/17 1:48am | By DAVID TUNIS-GARCIA

My father died from alcoholism in the summer of 2007. I was 12-years old, old enough to remember him kicking a basketball-sized dent into my mom’s Ford Escort when we tried to leave the house one night. Old enough to remember watching him pass out face first into his mashed potatoes.


The censure vote was fair, but was the decision just?

11/16/17 1:53am | By SARAH CROWLEY

UB can dismiss a pre-tenure professor without offering a single reason why.

A clause in the professors’ union-negotiated contract upholds this practice; it’s not just a rarely cited, last-resort clause, but rather a policy deans and administrators are specifically advised to follow.


A bar near South Campus could be good for both students and community, but Main Place isn’t going about it in the right way

11/13/17 10:48am | By Editorial Board

A local businessman wants to open up a bar on Main Street near South Campus. The proposed bar, called Main Place, has sparked controversy. University Heights residents fear the night life destination will cause disruption in their neighborhood. The owner wants to put in black tinted windows, which would violate Buffalo’s Green Code Ordinance. The venue also masqueraded as a restaurant in its liquor license application, which raises ethical concerns. And because the bar will host 18 and up event nights, there are underage drinking concerns.


Relax, this is supposed to be fun

11/13/17 10:44am | By Allison Staebell

I had no place to go, nowhere to call home. I grew up playing sports and my teammates became my lifelong friends. But I had no place at UB and more importantly, I had no team.

A few weeks into my first semester, an old high school teammate sent me a message asking me to play goalie for the club lacrosse team. I went to practice the next day and just like that, I found my place.


What happened to Dr. B?

11/09/17 10:22am | By Editorial Board

UB removed popular African-American studies adjunct professor Kushal K. Bhardwaj from his classroom of 90 students two-thirds of the way through the semester. Over two weeks, students heard rumors of why “Dr. B” had not shown up for class and then, on Oct. 17 his students met their new professor.


First in talent, fifth in the MAC

11/06/17 10:51am | By THOMAS ZAFONTE

The Bulls should not have had a 7-9-3, 5-4-2 MAC record this season, nor should the Bulls have lost in the first round of the MAC tournament.

The Bulls arguably have the best three players at their respected positions in the MAC; junior forward Carissima Cutrona; senior midfielder Julia Benati; and sophomore defender Gurjeena Jandu.


Silencing the hate

11/06/17 10:42am | By WANLY CHEN

I used the forbidden word only once. The moment the word escaped my mouth, I felt a cold awakening of the pain I just inflicted.

My sister bowed her head with disappointment. With just one word, I showed her that I had fallen to the peer pressures of society.


Hear Me Out: Sandwich theory and politics

11/02/17 3:46pm | By DAN MCKEON

Hot dogs are sandwiches.

You must accept this before we move any further. Maybe you think it isn’t one because it is on a single connected piece of bread, but you forget that many subs are served on one connected piece of bread.


Come as you are

10/30/17 11:03am | By BRETT ASHLEY

I started masturbating at 14, my 11th year of Catholic education. The first time I tried it, I brought myself to orgasm in under two minutes, but stopped myself because I thought I was going to pee.

The sex education I had was warped. I remember middle-aged Mr. H., standing in front of my seventh grade class in his sweater vest and telling me and 20 other hormonal 12-year-olds that all sex acts before marriage would land us in hell.


Letter to the editor

10/26/17 10:25am

Dear editor,

I am an international student from China and working on my doctoral degree in education. I live between UB’s North and South Campuses on Eggert Road. On Oct. 12, I was on my way to my friend’s house, who is another Chinese student living near South Campus. On the way to her place, I saw two Indian girls chatting and walking across the street. Seemingly, they were on their way home from school.


Everyday horror

10/23/17 9:58am | By DAN MCKEON

Halloween, among other things, is a time for scaring yourself senseless; how is it any different than regular life?

The appeal of haunted houses or paying to have people dressed as zombies chase you through a cornfield is lost on me. Everyday chores, preparing for the future, getting by in classes and trying to socialize are all horrifying enough.


#MeToo starts an important conversation about sexual assault

10/19/17 2:04am | By Editorial Board

The #MeToo movement was first started in 2007 by black activist Tarana Burke. She came up with the phrase as a way to personally connect with other survivors, particularly other young women of color. The movement was reawakened this weekend when actress Alyssa Milano posted a tweet, although Milano later said she was unaware of the phrase’s origins.


Eminem’s latest freestyle is hip-hop done right

10/19/17 1:57am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

I’ll throw Eminem in the conversation of top 5 of all time and, no pun intended, I’m not afraid to say that.

From quirky personas to upper echelon word-play, the rapper can easily box with some of the best in the field.

But as a rap fan who primarily got into the genre in the late ‘00s, I, unfortunately, had to mill through the tail end of his career.

Albums like “Recovery” and “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” -- with the exception of few & choice songs -- are dumpster fires.