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UB partners to create $47.4 million Empire Discovery Institute

05/29/18 8:17pm | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

UB, University of Rochester and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center are partnering with a new institute to identify and support early-stage drug candidates.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is seeking re-election, announced the creation of the Empire Discovery Institute on Thursday. The institute will assist UB, University of Rochester and Roswell Park in drug research discoveries. The institute will receive $35.4 million over five years from Empire State Development and $12 million from partner institutes.


News briefs

02/22/18 5:09am | By News Desk


GRoW to relocate to North Campus

UB’s GRoW Home, which stands for Garden, Relax or Work, will be relocated from its current location on South Campus to the Solar Strand on North Campus.

Seven graduate students in Martha Bohm’s fall studio spent the semester developing a vision for the siting of the GRoW Home. The winning proposal belongs to Zachary McCabe and seeks to “open new opportunities to better connect the UB community to the Solar Strand site via the GRoW Home,” according to UB Now.


SA members question Veloz's work hours

02/22/18 5:06am | By HARUKA KOSUGI

Student Association insiders are questioning if SA President Leslie Veloz has been logging enough hours to merit the $15,000 stipend she receives.

The questions come after the resignation of former SA Vice President Jamersin Redfern. 


News briefs

02/19/18 1:19am | By News Desk

Tops Markets, the Williamsville, New York-based chain, which runs about 170 grocery stores with more than 14,000 employees in the Northeast, is preparing for bankruptcy filings in the coming weeks, according to a Bloomberg News report.

Tops Holdings, the owner of the supermarket chain, has come under fire in recent years for its high level of debt built up through a series of leveraged buyouts.


UB holds Q&A on broad-based fees

02/19/18 1:14am | By SARAH CROWLEY

An open forum on broad-based fee increases marked a visibly tense two and a half hours of back and forth between students and administrators on Thursday. This was the first chance for students to meet in person with fee stewards before the March 7 deadline to send proposals to SUNY.


TA stipends for English Ph.D students to increase over next two years

02/15/18 4:49am | By News Desk

Starting in Fall 2018, average stipends for English Ph.D candidates will increase to an average of $18,000 per year — an increase of $3,000 from current levels.

In three years, the average TA stipend amount will increase to $19,000. By including scholarships and fellowships in the funding package, the “very best” doctoral students will receive funding in the $20,000 range, according to UB Now.


UB Foundation Executive Director attends student-held divestment workshop

02/15/18 4:37am | By ANNA SAVCHENKO

Ed Schneider, executive director of the UB Foundation, sat in Clemens 109 alongside some of his fiercest student-critics on Monday, Feb. 12.

Together, Schneider and roughly 20 students listened as local financial adviser JD Hartman led a one and a half hour long workshop meant to instruct its attendees on how to divest from unethical sources and reinvest sustainably. The workshop, organized by the student-run group Fossil Free UB, discussed various ways to invest sustainably and seize opportunities to “divest” from fossil fuel industries.


UB admins dominate list of highest-paid upstate employees

02/15/18 3:52am | By MAX KALNITZ

Eighteen of the 50 highest-paid state employees in upstate New York in 2017 were UB employees. Many high-ranking UB employees are earning upwards of $300,000 every year, according to a recent surveyby New York Upstate.

The salaries in some cases are higher than what’s listed because the numbers don’t include additional compensation from various private nonprofits, like the SUNY Research Foundation and the UB Foundation.


UB prepares for peak in flu season

02/09/18 12:04pm | By HARUKA KOSUGI

Pressure in his head. Body aches. Congestion. The trio of flu-like symptoms convinced Chris LaGatta to make an appointment at Michael Hall, where he was waiting to be seen Tuesday afternoon.

He had yet to be diagnosed, but LaGatta, a junior psychology major, said he thinks he caught the bug from his roommates while living in Hadley Village.

LaGatta is one of the many UB students who have headed for Michael Hall with flu-like symptoms since the start of the semester.

Fifty-three flu-related pediatric deaths have been reported nationwide by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention so far this flu season, which is expected to be one of the worst flu seasons of the decade.

If it follows the typical cycle, cases of the flu will peak at UB within the next few weeks, said Susan Snyder, director of the UB student health services.

“This trend occurs due to the influx of students returning to campus from all over the globe as well as the incubation period of the influenza viruses,” Snyder said.

However, after a relatively quiet flu season in the fall with no positive influenza tests or clinician diagnosed influenza until after the fall semester, the number of cases of flu diagnosed at the Student Health Services is consistent with previous years, Snyder said.

Still, the number of flu cases in New York State as a whole is increasing, consistent with national reports.

As of Jan.


UB engineering professor sues former school

02/08/18 4:29am | By SARAH CROWLEY

Aerospace and mechanical engineering professor Javid Bayandor is suing his former employer, Virginia Tech University for $5 million, alleging he was denied tenure because of discrimination related to disability and his Iranian background. Bayandor, who joined UB’s department of mechanical and aerospace engineering last year, declined to comment for this story. Virginia Tech University did not respond to requests for comment.


UB football player's lawsuit moved to higher court

02/08/18 4:26am | By SARAH CROWLEY

State Supreme Court Judge E. Jeannette Ogden transferred the case to the New York State Appellate Division Feb. 2 after hearing from UB’s counsel, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and Assistant Attorney General Melissa H. Thore. Schneiderman and Thore argued Jan. 30 that the case fell under the appellate jurisdiction. 


Taking the R

02/08/18 4:23am | By ANNA SAVCHENKO

Tyler Craven, a senior computer science major, was doing well in CSE 331, Introduction to Algorithm Analysis and Design last fall.


News Briefs

02/08/18 1:25am | By News Desk

The National Science Foundation (NSF) distributed large awards to three UB startups, according to UB Now.

Ferric, Contrast Inc., Sunny Clean Water LLC both received $225,000, and Neurovascular Diagnostics, Inc. received $224,000 for research to advance the safety of MRI scans, help alleviate worldwide drinking water shortages and develop early identification of unruptured brain aneurysms, respectively.