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Police Blotter: 2/3-2/9

02/17/15 12:04pm

Pegida attracts thousands protesting against immigration and Islam

02/15/15 4:29pm | By ADAM SINGH , ADAM SINGH

Understanding the psychology of threesomes

02/10/15 9:22pm | By Tom Dinki

About 10 percent of UB students have had a threesome, according to a survey of 837 students conducted by The Spectrum. Yusong Shi, The Spectrum

After getting a drink and coming back to the dance floor during a party near South Campus, David Stockman* found a girl he?d been flirting with earlier in the night dancing with one of his friends.

But the friend, Cam Lucas*, wasn?t trying to steal the girl from Stockman ? he wanted to share.

?Yo, she?s down for a threesome,? Lucas whispered.

That night ? which started out as a possible normal hookup for Stockman ? would become his first and only threesome experience.