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UB Student Association spent $9,000 on 'new, outdated confusing' website

03/31/15 11:11pm | By Tom Dinki

The Student Association launched a new, roughly $9,000, website and some students aren’t too impressed, saying the design and aesthetic doesn’t match the price tag. Students have negatively critiqued the website's design and layout and SA's lack of communication about the site with students and clubs, and there is a post on the UB Reddit page entitled “UB SA launches new outdated, confusing site after years of outdated, confusing site” that currently has 24 comments.


Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting rundown

03/26/15 9:05pm | By ASHLEY INKUMSAH

When Faculty Senate Chair Ezra Zubrow attended a seminar on the corporatization of pension funds, he wondered what right governors have to take money that is legislated to higher education and “hold it back to get their political agendas taken into account.”

For the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, the ‘Westbury Resolution,’ proposed by the SUNY Old Westbury Faculty Senate Executive Committee, seems like a solution to the budgeting crisis.

The executive committee met in Capen Hall on Wednesday and discussed budgeting issues, experimental education and how the Faculty Senate can be more productive when not meeting quorum.


Robert Ballard

Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, to come to UB

03/26/15 7:34pm | By CHARLES W. SCHAAB

Dr. Robert Ballard, now a professor of oceanography and the director of the Center for Ocean Exploration at the University of Rhode Island, will be speaking in Alumni Arena on April 1 as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. Ballard said the talk will cover the past, present and future of deep-sea exploration illustrated through his explorations.


Winspear Entrance, University Heights

Living off campus can mean uncertainty for UB students

03/24/15 9:43pm | By Tom Dinki

When Craig Laudani and his roommates first visited a Stockbridge Avenue apartment near South Campus and found broken tiles, trash on the carpet, a gas canister in a closet upstairs and nails sticking out of the floor, they were assured it would be cleaned up and fixed by the time they moved in in August 2014. It was not.