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Governor Andrew Cuomo signs Middle Class Recovery Act at UB

20 hours ago | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Middle Class Recovery Act in front of over 300 people at UB’s Downtown Medical Campus on Thursday.

In a 20-minute speech, Cuomo addressed the act, which funds $32 million toward a UB “Innovation Hub.” The grant, approved Thursday afternoon by the Empire State Development Board of Directors, allows access of incubator space to house technology startups on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.


Meet the Unity Party: SA e-board candidates

04/12/15 11:24pm | By News Desk

The Student Association executive board is responsible for controlling more than $3.5 million of student money collected through the mandatory student activity fee, which will be raised to $104.75 starting next semester. Elections will take place from April 14-16, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Student Union Theater. This is the first election since 2008 in which a party is running unopposed.



UB to improve Wi-Fi across all campuses

04/12/15 4:08pm | By CHARLES W. SCHAAB

UB Information Technology (UBIT) is unrolling a new plan to help students like Acosta get their assignments in on time with its new Wi-Fi Boost initiative. UBIT will be improving its wireless Internet connections starting this summer for students, faculty and staff members across the North, South and downtown Medical Campuses. The Wi-Fi boost will start over the summer.