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UB plans for a climate neutral campus by 2030

09/15/15 8:59pm | By Michael Joncas

As an organization on campus focused on teaching students and faculty how to make environmental changes, UB Sustainability has developed a climate action plan designed to make UB climate neutral by 2030. UB’s goal to become climate neutral is not based solely on education, but innovation, according to UB’s Chief Sustainability Officer Ryan McPherson.


UB gets political: Students discuss their opinions of the 2016 presidential election

09/13/15 3:53pm | By MARLEE TUSKES

There are 21 candidates running to become the leader of the free world in 2016. Five candidates are running under the Democratic ballot, while there are 16 candidates for the Republican ballot after Rick Perry announced his resignation from the race on Friday. As candidates are covered in the media and take stances on important issues like immigration and health care, members of UB are taking notice.


South Campus Power outage

UB South Campus suffers power outage

09/09/15 6:51pm | By GABRIELA JULIA

All buildings on South Campus were affected, including Michael Hall and resident halls Goodyear and Clement, and UB canceled all classes on the campus. The campus regained power at 3 a.m. Thursday and classes went back to normal schedule. 


UB welcomes ‘Wi-Fi’ boost to campus

09/08/15 9:03pm | By Evan Schneider

This past summer UB Information Technology (UBIT) began a three-year initiative called Wi-Fi Boost. Wi-Fi Boost is only in its early stages and has been deployed in only three on-campus locations thus far: the Computing Center, the Natural Sciences Complex and Richmond Hall in the Ellicott Complex.