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UB partners to create $47.4 million Empire Discovery Institute

05/29/18 8:17pm | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

UB, University of Rochester and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center are partnering with a new institute to identify and support early-stage drug candidates.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is seeking re-election, announced the creation of the Empire Discovery Institute on Thursday. The institute will assist UB, University of Rochester and Roswell Park in drug research discoveries. The institute will receive $35.4 million over five years from Empire State Development and $12 million from partner institutes.


Skinnersville cemetery

Skinnersville Cemetery on North Campus provides resting place for donated bodies

10/20/15 8:11pm | By Thanya Theogene

As a part of the Anatomical Gift Program, UB purchased grave plots for the remains of donors that gave their deceased bodies to the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences for anatomical studies. The donor or his or her family members decide whether or not the body will be buried in Skinnersville Cemetery, according to the Anatomical Gift Program website.


Se senate chair election

UB Student Association senator alleges election violations against e-board

10/19/15 2:06am | By Tom Dinki

Yaser Soliman, who says he was cheated out of a win in Wednesday’s senate chair election, has retained an attorney and submitted a five-page letter to SA officials Thursday night outlining his complaints. In the letter, he accuses SA President Minahil Khan of violating the SA’s constitution and bylaws in order to prevent him from winning the election for senate chair, which is a paid position.


Liz Murray appears as UB's second Distinguished Speaker

Liz Murray speaks as part of UB's Distinguished Speaker Series

10/14/15 11:58pm | By GABRIELA JULIA

Liz Murray watched her parents strap their arms and shoot heroin.

They chose buying drugs over feeding their kids. Murray and her sister often ate ChapStick and toothpaste to curb their hunger.

But Murray has always chosen to focus on the “blessings in the path [she] walked.”

Murray, now a New York Times best-selling author and advocate for homeless youth, spoke in Alumni Arena Wednesday night as part of UB’s Distinguished Speaker Series.


UPD grabbing gold

Grabbing gold: UB Police receives accreditation from IACLEA

10/11/15 5:48pm | By Evan Schneider

University Police is proud its “gold standards” are now recognized by some prestigious accreditation organizations. The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement (IACLEA), the “leading voice for the campus public safety community” that represents more than 1,000 colleges and universities around the world, announced its approval of UPD last month.


Professor Jennifer Zirnheld recognized as one of 100 most inspiring women in STEM

Professor Jennifer Zirnheld recognized as one of 100 most inspiring women in STEM

10/08/15 10:31pm | By Thanya Theogene

INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine recognized Jennifer Zirnheld, an engineering professor, as one of 100 most inspiring women in the STEM fields. The magazine celebrates diversity in academics and focuses on its inclusion into higher education fields. It focuses particularly on the STEM fields, which are science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Zirnheld’s research focuses on engineering innovations to fight cancer.