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UB medical school receives grant to improve Alzheimer’s disease care in Western New York

03/10/16 5:25pm | By SARAH CROWLEY

UB’s medical school recently received a five-year grant of $2.35 million from New York State to develop a Center of Excellence that intends to improve diagnostic and treatment plans for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders across Western New York. The initiative will combine person-centered care with state-of-the-art research and treatment facilities.


UB graduate student creates ‘Black Lives Matter’ film

03/10/16 2:15pm | By Kori Hughes

Her film follows five black UB studentsand their involvement in the “Black Lives Matter” movement and their lives as black students on campus.

“Black Lives Matter” is a movement that rallies against violence and injustice toward black people based on their race. The movement gained national recognition after the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner – both black men killed by police in 2014.


UB gives students the option for students who choose to stay on campus over break

03/08/16 5:05pm | By Evan Schneider

UB is home to more than 6,000 international students from 87 countries. A common problem for these students is how they will spend spring and Thanksgiving breaks, as many don’t have the option of visiting home. To accommodate these students, UB allows them to stay in their dorm rooms – free of charge – provided they request permission in advance, according to Brian Haggerty, senior associate director of Campus Living.



03/06/16 4:29pm | By EVAN GRISLEY

Donald Trump is back in the news – but not for his derogatory comments toward his competitors or members of the media.

This time, the people are firing back at Trump.


DIFCON12 aims to create discussion about sensitive topics on campus

03/06/16 3:47pm | By JASHONDA WILLIAMS

On March 2, “12 Difficult Conversations in 12 Weeks” or DIFCON12, held its second program of the series. DIFCON12, which is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion and Campus Living, is a series of 12 short lectures that allow students to discuss topics that may make some uncomfortable, such as race and religion, in a “controlled and safe environment.”


UB ranks ahead of several public universities

03/02/16 1:24am | By SARAH CROWLEY

A recent Buffalo Business First study ranked UB 41 out of 477 public universities, marking a six-place jump from last year’s ranking. As UB edges into third place among other SUNY schools, other universities like Stony Brook, Binghamton and Geneseo have all dropped off since last year’s ranking.


Students seek to end fossil fuel investments at UB

03/02/16 1:19am | By HANNAH STEIN

Fossil Free UB is part of Fossil Free, an international network of campaigns that advocates for the end of fossils fuel use and investment within a five-year span with the ultimate goal of reinvesting in clean energy. It aims to take the money from the fossil fuel industry and place it into the green industry with solar power and energy alternatives.