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Exit polls show Progress Party has early lead after first day of UB Student Association elections

03/29/16 5:00pm | By Tom Dinki

The Progress Party has an early lead after the first day of voting for the Student Association elections, according to The Spectrum’s exit polls.

The Spectrum polled 52 students leaving the voting booths in the Student Union Theater Tuesday, and the majority of them say they voted for the three Progress Party candidates in the race for SA president, vice president and treasurer.


UB Student Association elections: Meet the president and vice president candidates

03/27/16 7:42pm | By News Desk

The Student Association executive board is responsible for controlling approximately $4 million of student money collected through the mandatory student activity fee of $104.75 a semester.

The SA president and vice president must run on a ticket together. The president is the chief executive officer of SA and has the ultimate responsibility for the enforcement of the SA constitution and bylaws. The vice president directs, assists and oversees SA recognized clubs and organizations.

Elections will be held March 29-31 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Student Union Theater.


The pros and cons of dorming on UB's South Campus

03/24/16 9:04pm | By HANNAH STEIN

While the majority of freshmen dorms are located on UB’s North Campus in Governors Residence Hall and the Ellicott Complex, Goodyear Hall and Clement Hall on South Campus are home to first-year students as well. And, like many housing situations, there are both positive and negative sides to living on South Campus. Though many UB students have found advantages to living on South Campus, they feel the disadvantages may outweigh them.


UB discusses Zika virus and spring break travel

03/23/16 7:02pm | By JOHN JACOBS

In addition to transmission through mosquito bites, the disease can also be passed sexually from one person to another, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. The virus exists mainly in South American countries and is prominent in Brazil and El Salvador. Though the CDC states that there have been no confirmed local cases of people contracting Zika within the United States, there have been over 250 confirmed travel-associated cases of the Zika virus.


Mumps outbreak causes concern for some students

03/22/16 9:02pm | By MARLEE TUSKES

UB spokesperson John Della Contrada released a statement on March 12 that said the Department of Health is speaking with the students’ close personal contacts and that UB is currently reviewing immunization records to identify students who are not immune to mumps who may need to either be vaccinated or excluded from classes and activities when the semester resumes, which it did on March 21.


News briefs

03/22/16 8:11pm | By News Desk


UB struggles to boost its research and fundraising assets

UB is currently behind most of its peer universities in the fields of research, scholarships and fundraising.

An analyst at The Buffalo News found that Rutgers University dished out $86 million more in federal research in 2012 compared to UB.