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Two thousand, six hundred and ninety UB logins stolen in data breach

05/19/18 1:12pm | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

Thousands of UB community members’ account information have been hacked.

On Friday, UB confirmed that J. Brice Bible, vice president and chief information officer, is investigating and responding to a breach of 2,690 UBITName accounts. The breach affects 1,800 student accounts, 862 alumni accounts and 28 faculty and staff accounts, according to UB spokesperson John Della Contrada.


Everyday I’m brusselin’

04/12/18 4:10am | By MAX KALNITZ

Normally, people might be skeptical of a big white van trying to lure them toward its cargo. But the Veggie Van is different.

Underprivileged neighborhoods across the nation struggle to afford fresh produce and often don’t have access to grocery stores. That’s why numerous cities are investing in mobile markets, like the Veggie Van, to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income neighborhoods.


Project helps female STEM students overcome gender discrimination in workforce

04/12/18 4:09am | By ANNA SAVCHENKO

Before she was Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UB, Liesl Folks dealt with gender discrimination in the workplace.

In a sit-down interview with The Spectrum, Folks recalled specifically avoiding a male colleague at work. He’d often walk up behind her and start massaging her shoulders when she had to perform electron microscopes in dark, soundproof rooms.


UB community weighs in on bringing food trucks to campus

04/12/18 4:07am | By HARUKA KOSUGI

Food truck vendors have the rare opportunity to pull onto North Campus Sunday for the Student Association’s Buffalo Untapped event.

Over the last several years, food trucks have gained popularity in Buffalo with events like Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square in downtown Buffalo, but the Faculty-Student Association relegates their presence on campus to the FSA-run Big Blue and Little Blue trucks.


News briefs

04/12/18 4:05am | By News Desk


UB to host annual Refugee Health Summit

UB will host its fifth annual refugee health summit on April 20, bringing together clinicians, resettlement caseworkers, community health workers, researchers, students, municipal leaders and refugees to raise awareness to the factors affecting the health and well-being of Buffalo’s refugee population.


Campus Dining & Shops budgets for students’ missed meals

04/12/18 4:05am | By SARAH CROWLEY

The nonprofit organization overseeing dining at UB counts on students not to use all the meals they buy.

Budget officials at Campus Dining & Shops, which reported nearly $5 million in profits in 2015-16, say they can’t introduce a rollover or refund system for unused meals because the money students paid for the meals is reinvested.


Affordable housing projects underway at architecture school

04/09/18 2:27am | By SARAH CROWLEY

On Tuesday, UB will host a symposium to begin an effort in the architecture school to address Buffalo’s affordable housing shortage.

As graduate students wrap up a semester-long design project focused on creating affordable, inclusive housing, Tuesday marks the beginning of a more collaborative effort to bring together alumni, interested donors and experts in affordable housing development.


UB alum hopes app will help campus parking problem

04/09/18 2:26am | By MAX KALNITZ

While UB officials have said there are several hundred parking spaces free at any given time, students have long complained about driving from lot to lot searching for a spot in time for class.

UB alum Andrew Mingola wants to help with the parking problem with the launch of his new app, Spot Swapper.


SA Senate elects new vice president

04/06/18 11:19am | By HARUKA KOSUGI

The Student Association appointed a new SA vice president on Thursday, after the SA Senate approved current Director of Club Services Benjamin Harper to take over the role.

The position had been left vacant since Feb. 2.


News briefs

04/05/18 3:23am | By News Desk


Women in STEM Summit to focus on roles of females in advancing sustainability

The fourth annual Women in STEM Summit, coinciding with Earth Day on April 18, will focus on the roles of women in advancing sustainability and how local leaders are influencing sustainable change.


New lounge gives veterans space to study, meet students from similar backgrounds

04/05/18 3:17am | By NOAH MOYER

A newly opened student lounge gives military-affiliated students a space to work, relax and meet others with similar life experiences on campus.

The lounge, located in SU 321, has two rooms: one for socializing, furnished with couches, a TV and an Xbox, and another conference-style room for group study. Only military-affiliated students have access to the lounge, which opened this semester after a donation from a WWII veteran, Efner “Lucky” Davis, 91.


R.E.A.L. Party wins SA election

03/30/18 12:46am | By HARUKA KOSUGI

It was no nail-biter, but elections for the 2018-2019 Student Association e-board still managed to bring over 650 students out to vote, which is an improvement since the last time an SA e-board ran unopposed in 2015 when only 217 students voted.