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05/07/17 9:47pm | By News Desk

The College of Arts and Sciences will be holding two separate commencement ceremonies due to the high number of graduates, according to UB Now. In previous years, there was not enough room in Alumni Arena for students’ families and some had to watch the ceremony on a video feed in the Center for the Arts


Qasim Rashid holds 'True Islam: A Response to Islamophobes and Terrorists Everywhere' discussion at UB


Qasim Rashid believes there’s a philosophy in media that “if it bleeds, it leads.”

He thinks because Richard Spencer’s speech on Monday was more sensationalized, it garnered more attention. Rashid’s event, by contrast, was smaller, quieter and more peaceful, but about half of the audience left midway through.

“Unfortunately, that has dominated our media lives – what’s going to get more clicks, what’s going to get more views,” Rashid said. “I think that’s why people left. If I spoke up there about how Sharia law is coming and Muslims are taking over, I guarantee you we would have had more.”


Discontent spreads as Robert Spencer’s visit to UB nears

05/01/17 10:25am | By ASHLEY INKUMSAH

Robert Spencer’s impending visit is causing major tension across UB’s campus.

Spencer, a controversial self-proclaimed radical Islam expert, will speak about the dangers of radical Islam in Knox 109 on May 1. Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) is hosting Spencer’s visit. Chairwoman Lynn Sementilli defended this decision saying public universities are the place for free speech and discussion, even for the most difficult topics.


Mike Brown elected 2017-18 UB Council student representative

05/01/17 10:11am | By MADDY FOWLER

As UB Council student representative, Mike Brown doesn’t just want to advocate for students, he wants to advocate with them.

“[An] overarching goal is bringing more people into the fold of fighting for change because frankly I can’t do it alone, I need to work with others and ultimately what I’ll be trying to accomplish – to work with others and bring more student advocates to the table,” Brown said.


Spectrum’s Q&A with Brandon Stanton

04/30/17 6:38pm | By HANNAH STEIN

Q: Did you initially expect for your project to have had the impact it has had? What was your reaction to its success?

A: I moved to New York City to start Humans of New York (HONY) so obviously I thought it had the potential to be something. You know my whole goal was to grow it large enough to where I could support myself and be an artist full-time. That was the ultimate goal and so I say anything beyond that was unexpected.


UB Counseling Services run-down

04/24/17 12:26pm | By MADDY FOWLER

Darby Swab wants people to know they should not feel scared or embarrassed to seek counseling.

“You don’t need to live life internalizing your mental struggles and problems, no matter how mild. A professional counselor can help you work things out and maybe cope and manage in ways you hadn’t thought of,”Swab, a graduate student in the arts management program said.


Petition circles asking for Buffalo mayor to close Bottoms Up nightclub

04/24/17 1:36am | By SARAH CROWLEY

Taryn Shepherd had visited Bottoms Up nightclub at least five times and never had any problems. On April 14, this changed when a bouncer allegedly called Shepherd a “n***r” after telling her she had to leave. After Shepherd wrote about the incident, a Buffalo man started a petition asking Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to close down the Chippewa Street nightclub. Bottoms Up is a popular destination for college students and is one of Buffalo’s only 18 and up venues for nightlife.


News briefs: what to know locally, nationally and globally

04/24/17 1:27am | By News Desk


UB faculty donate to revitalize Dental school facilities

After 30 years of having the same equipment, the UB School of Dental Medicine (SDM) will be getting a face-lift thanks to the philanthropic support of faculty.

Donors include: Joseph Zambron, dean of the school, as well as long-time faculty members Jane Brewer, Robert Genco and Sebastian Ciancio.


UB student’s attempted suicide shocks community

04/23/17 10:12pm | By SARAH CROWLEY

A male student attempted suicide Wednesday morning when he jumped from the seventh floor of Goodyear Residence Hall on South Campus. The student was then transferred to Erie County Medical Center, according to UB Spokesperson John Della Contrada. The university did not release information on the status of the student or his identity, out of respect for the family’s privacy.


Young Americans for Freedom speaker announcement sparks petition to cancel event

04/20/17 11:53am | By SARAH CROWLEY

UB’s Young Americans for Freedom club (YAF) announced on Monday that it will host an event, "Exposing Radical Islam: The dangers of jihad in today’s world” on May 1 featuring guest speaker Robert Spencer. Spencer is a self-proclaimed expert on radical Islam and runs a blog called “Jihad Watch,” according to his website. He is the author of 16 books including The New York Time’s bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. 


UB DifCon Series highlights equity and inclusion

04/18/17 11:06am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

UB faculty, staff and students are coming together to discuss their cultural beliefs and political differences. This week, a series of discussions called Difcon is centered around “Owning Our Differences.” The series will take place from April 17-21 at 12 p.m. each day. All discussions will be held in the Intercultural and Diversity Center, aside from Wednesday’s discussion which will take place in 104 O’Brian Hall.