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Call it a 'Daly'

11/16/17 2:06am | By DANA CASULLO

Robert Daly has worked at an amusement park, a chemical factory, farms, loading docks and a limestone mine. For Daly, none of these jobs compare to the feeling of teaching.

But after 44 years at UB, Daly is retiring.


Main Street's Parkside Candy gears up for Valentine’s Day

02/11/16 8:14pm | By Tomas Olivier

Parkside Candy, located just down the street from South Campus, is currently preparing for their shortest season, but biggest day for sales of the year: Valentine’s Day. Phil Buffamonte, owner and president of Parkside Candy since 1981, said the store will sell most of its Valentine’s Day candy either Saturday or on Valentine’s Day itself on Sunday.


Chinese new year

UB’s HSA and TSA co-host Chinese New Year event

02/11/16 4:14pm | By Jamal C. Allard

The Hong Kong Student Association (HSA), in collaboration with the Taiwan Student Association (TSA), held a Chinese New Year’s celebration on Tuesday. About 60 people attended the celebration– eating, conversing amongst each other and playing pool from all types of backgrounds.


5 Valentine's Day date ideas

02/11/16 3:33pm | By JOHN JACOBS

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, which means a large portion of people everywhere, including UB students, will spend the day silently cursing the couples they see before running home to watch a Lifetime movie marathon with a gallon of ice cream by their sides.


Comparing Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV

02/09/16 7:40pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

The latest in streaming technology includes Apple TV, Chromecast and the Amazon Fire Stick – game changers in their own right. But which one would serve best for your needs? Here’s some information about all of the available technology, so you can make the right investment.


Papi Grande's opens to replace The U

02/09/16 7:36pm | By JOHN JACOBS

The U officially reopened as Papi Grande’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, an authentic Mexican restaurant complete with a bar that has 16 beers on tap, a private party room with a TV and booths or tables for the casual diner, on Jan. 5.


The psychology of infidelity

02/08/16 2:30am | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

Cheaters are viewed as dishonest, plain and simple. Most people judge cheaters immediately and don’t consider there might be a science behind cheating.

According to The Spectrum’s annual sex survey of 702 UB students, nearly 18 percent have cheated on a current or former partner.

Whether you’re the one cheating or getting cheated on, it’s more than just the availability of an opportunity – so much more that experts have applied theory and study to the subject.

In an affair, a person evaluates of the prospect of being with someone else and opportunity cost in regard to their relationship.


Around Town: February edition

01/31/16 9:51pm | By JOHN JACOBS

February, though short, can be packed with events. It starts off the spring semester, has everyone’s favorite romantic holiday and brings students to one of the most exciting college weeks – spring break. But don’t count down the days yet – first, enjoy some of these events around Buffalo.


Dress to impress

01/31/16 9:06pm | By Georgiana Franks

As the weather continues to change it means that it is time to fully break out the oftentimes dreaded winter wardrobe consisting of baggy sweatpants and unflattering sweatshirts. It’s easy to turn to these items as your solution to stay warm but it is important to keep in mind that you can still be fashionable while also bearing the winter cold.



First UB Muslim Student Association event of the semester sees large turnout

01/31/16 5:25pm | By Jamal C. Allard

More than 200 students attended the welcome back celebration – a turnout that barely fit in 145 Student Union. The event allowed students who are outside the religion and culture to learn more about their Muslim peers, as both members of MSA and the general student body dined together and spoke about culture – creating a welcoming atmosphere for the first week back.


UB Drinkin'

UB Drinkin'

01/28/16 6:36pm | By Tomas Olivier

For those of you who enjoy a well-crafted cocktail while staying warm in the wintertime, curling up with a good book, watching a movie or even eating a homemade meal, here are some elegant concoctions that will add some great flavors to your repertoire of tasteful drinks that are sure to impress your friends and leave them wanting more.


Some UB students and professors skipping new year's resolutions

01/28/16 6:00pm | By JOHN JACOBS

Most of the time these goals have something to do with weight or their career – something along the lines of wanting to lose 10 pounds or get that promotion. Regardless of what the change might be, people strive to make themselves better every year.

But some UB students aren’t buying into the idea of making a New year’s resolution.