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Shortage of tickets for Winter Gala

12/04/17 2:27am | By WANLY CHEN

Student Association’s Winter Gala has been an eagerly anticipated event for UB students since the tradition began in 2001, but many students will be unable to attend this year after the 800 tickets to the event sold out within two days.

Students shared their frustration about the sold out event, citing conflicting work and class schedules as reasons for their inability to purchase tickets in time, while SA representatives ­­–– who are able to reserve and purchase tickets at a discouned rate ­­–– believe nothing can be done to improve the system.

The Gala, reminiscent of a high school prom and hosted at Samuel's Grande Manor on the Saturday after the last day of classes, invites hundreds of students to dress up in their best formal wear for a classy night of entertainment.

Tickets are sold for $30 at the SBI office on North Campus and at Harriman Hall on South Campus.


UB College Democrats: A place to connect and disagree

02/18/16 5:15pm | By JOHN JACOBS

UB College Democrats meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Student Union 306. Students who are looking for more information about presidential candidates and issues with the looming election are always welcome, so they can become more informed for when it’s time to step into the voting booth.


Einstein's theory of relativity finally proven

02/17/16 12:32am | By TORI ROSEMAN

These developments are important because they prove Einstein’s theory about relativity and the ripples in time and space. The way that these ripples occurred is through two massive black holes collapse into infinitesimal points that then collide and create ripples.


Tori Roseman

Some exercise tips to remedy that Valentine’s Day binge

02/14/16 1:20pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and chances are, whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ve binged.

If you’re in a relationship, maybe you’ve been binge-eating all the sweets your sweetheart gave you. If you’re not, maybe you’re been drinking a lot of wine or eating all the candy you bought for yourself.

Either way, it’s time to come back to reality. It’s important to exercise in order to maintain a healthy body and that entire box of chocolates you ate is setting you about two weeks back.

It’s important to work out regularly and most importantly, at your own pace. Below are some tips for keeping fit in the weeks between Valentine’s Day and spring break that won’t ruin your life or break your back.


Main Street's Parkside Candy gears up for Valentine’s Day

02/11/16 8:14pm | By Tomas Olivier

Parkside Candy, located just down the street from South Campus, is currently preparing for their shortest season, but biggest day for sales of the year: Valentine’s Day. Phil Buffamonte, owner and president of Parkside Candy since 1981, said the store will sell most of its Valentine’s Day candy either Saturday or on Valentine’s Day itself on Sunday.


Chinese new year

UB’s HSA and TSA co-host Chinese New Year event

02/11/16 4:14pm | By Jamal C. Allard

The Hong Kong Student Association (HSA), in collaboration with the Taiwan Student Association (TSA), held a Chinese New Year’s celebration on Tuesday. About 60 people attended the celebration– eating, conversing amongst each other and playing pool from all types of backgrounds.


5 Valentine's Day date ideas

02/11/16 3:33pm | By JOHN JACOBS

Valentine’s Day is Sunday, which means a large portion of people everywhere, including UB students, will spend the day silently cursing the couples they see before running home to watch a Lifetime movie marathon with a gallon of ice cream by their sides.


Comparing Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV

02/09/16 7:40pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

The latest in streaming technology includes Apple TV, Chromecast and the Amazon Fire Stick – game changers in their own right. But which one would serve best for your needs? Here’s some information about all of the available technology, so you can make the right investment.


Papi Grande's opens to replace The U

02/09/16 7:36pm | By JOHN JACOBS

The U officially reopened as Papi Grande’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, an authentic Mexican restaurant complete with a bar that has 16 beers on tap, a private party room with a TV and booths or tables for the casual diner, on Jan. 5.


The psychology of infidelity

02/08/16 2:30am | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

Cheaters are viewed as dishonest, plain and simple. Most people judge cheaters immediately and don’t consider there might be a science behind cheating.

According to The Spectrum’s annual sex survey of 702 UB students, nearly 18 percent have cheated on a current or former partner.

Whether you’re the one cheating or getting cheated on, it’s more than just the availability of an opportunity – so much more that experts have applied theory and study to the subject.

In an affair, a person evaluates of the prospect of being with someone else and opportunity cost in regard to their relationship.