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Starting up the start-ups

07/05/18 6:11pm | By KIRSTEN DEAN

Benjamin Corbett started out his collegiate career at the University at Pittsburgh in 2015. He planned on joining the university’s ROTC program to give back to the community, but officials discovered a scar on his back.


Gettin' muddy with it

04/28/13 12:00am

Seven and a Half White Men struggled to march out of the knee-deep mud pit. Their faces were barely visible through the layers of caked-on mud from seven hours of grueling and demanding volleyball.

For the third year in a row, the eight players were victorious.

The 29th-annual Oozefest tournament took place on Saturday in the mud pit behind the South Lake Apartment Complex.


Three days of debate

04/28/13 12:00am | By ANDREA SAADAN , ANDREA SAADAN

Hope for Boston

04/28/13 12:00am | By ANDREA SAADAN , ANDREA SAADAN

Going green: one bike at a time

04/25/13 12:00am | By ALYSSA MCCLURE

UB is the first university to use GPS tracking technology for students to come together as a biking community. BikeShare at UB offers students, faculty and staff the option of renting bicycles instead of bringing their own to campus.


Nothing in excess


Primed for success

04/18/13 12:00am | By ALYSSA MCCLURE

Nigel Michki, a freshman computational physics major, and three other freshmen hope to change the face of bilingualism through primers - short guides or overviews to a subject or field - written as part of their self-started Primer Project.


Not a gold digger

04/16/13 12:00am | By ANDREA SAADAN , ANDREA SAADAN

"Celebrate, remember, fight back"

04/14/13 12:00am | By SHARON KAHN , SHARON KAHN

Around the World with UNYTS

04/11/13 12:00am | By SHARON KAHN , SHARON KAHN

Five kilometers of color

04/11/13 12:00am | By RACHEL KRAMER , RACHEL KRAMER