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Starting up the start-ups

07/05/18 6:11pm | By KIRSTEN DEAN

Benjamin Corbett started out his collegiate career at the University at Pittsburgh in 2015. He planned on joining the university’s ROTC program to give back to the community, but officials discovered a scar on his back.


International love

03/01/18 4:26am | By MAX KALNITZ

Love is a universal language, but everyone views and forms relationships in different ways. UB’s international student body represents more than 110 countries, each with its own dating culture.

Many Asian countries have traditions and values when it comes to dating, marriage and sex and more often than not, domestic students have misconceptions about how international students date.


Battle-bots, roll out


Forget about Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream.

UB engineers made Cybertron a reality in the middle of the Student Union.

Ben Coleman, a sophomore electrical engineering major, represented the robotics department during this year’s Bot Wars competition. Part of Engineering Week, Bot Wars is an annual battle of student metallic creations.


Abbott Hall boasts rich history of medicine, architecture

02/22/18 5:11am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

The library at Abbott Hall is still in operation over a third of a century since it opened, preserving its history in its collection and architecture. The building features vintage woodwork study areas, like the Austin Flint Reading Room’s carved interior lit up by chandeliers. The library houses students in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences as well as dental students and others.


Art of a revolution

02/19/18 1:17am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

The Albright-Knox rewrote history on Saturday, celebrating black female artists.

The gallery opened its latest exhibit this weekend, “We Wanted A Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85.” The exhibit, curated by the Brooklyn Museum, highlights over 200 pieces that encompass a time where black women artists were often underscored, devalued or overlooked.


The talk

02/12/18 2:34am | By WANLY CHEN

When Sankara Daly told his dad he wasn’t sexually active, he was ready for an open discussion about sex. Instead, his father handed him a book.

Parents typically don’t have a calendar with a date circled for the talk, but many parents anxiously anticipate this interaction. This conversation varies among families, but can cover a range of topics from sexually transmitted infections (STI) to consensual sex.


Anal-ize this

02/12/18 2:21am | By ERIK TINGUE

For Sofia Rapatsouleas, analingus is a routine part of sex.

Analingus is the oral sex practice where a person stimulates another’s anus by use of their mouth, including lips, tongue or teeth.

Forty-four of 356 students polled indicated they have participated in analingus during sex, according to The Spectrum’s Sex Survey.


Diving into deepfakes

02/12/18 2:13am | By HARUKA KOSUGI

You could be the star of a porno without even knowing it as the result of an alarming new trend that has raised legal and ethical concerns in the U.S.

Deepfakes, named after the redditor who first started face-swapping celebrity faces onto porn performers’ bodies, are becoming more popular with the rise of user-friendly applications like FakeApp, which allows people to create their own realistic face-swapped videos using machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Problems with porn

02/12/18 2:12am | By MAX KALNITZ

It won’t make your hands fall off and it won’t make you go blind, but watching too much porn can screw up your sex life. Erectile dysfunction, issues with body image and full-blown addiction are just a few of the symptoms of over-watching porn.

A 2011 survey by Italian researchers at the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine surveyed 28,000 men who categorized themselves as being addicted to porn. The results showed that many men, some as young as 14, suffered from “sexual anorexia.”


Sex machina

02/12/18 2:09am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

The days of making love to sex dolls that are no better than inflatable pool toys are over. In 2018, sex dolls can love you right back and ask you about your day.


New year, new cups

02/08/18 8:32pm | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

In January, Campus Dining & Shops (CDS) introduced a new plastic version of their previous paper-based cups. The change, according to CDS, was made to change the cups “in terms of both integrity and ability to be recycled,” with the new plastic cups being both recyclable and reusable.


Around town: Winter activities


As usual, the weather is becoming unbearable. If you’re looking to warm up your spirits and get in fully frigid winter mode, check out some of what Buffalo has to offer this month.

WEDI Winterfest

The Atrium @ Rich’s, 1 Robert Rich Way

Feb. 9, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The West Side will be walking in a winter wonderland this weekend. This 10th annual edition of Winterfest is equipped with food from Rich Products alongside offerings from the West Side Bazaar.


Helping hands in Buffalo

02/05/18 12:36am | By WANLY CHEN

Different from a tropical spring break destination, alternative breaks give students opportunities to provide domestic or international outreach to communities with social issues. These breaks emphasize the important role volunteers play in communities.


Building bridges

02/05/18 12:22am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

After the ongoing Syrian civil war began earlier this decade, UB alum Ayla Abiad wasn’t sure how to help.

Born in Syria, she had no control in going back home.

She felt handcuffed.

Abiad began volunteering at Buffalo’s International Institute and began seeing Syrian families coming into the resettlement agency. She began introducing herself to families and not long after started receiving messages asking for help.


Commuting during winter

02/01/18 1:29am | By ERIK TINGUE

As the spring semester begins, a number of commuters are already concerned about the weather being a burden to their education at UB. Sixty-two percent of undergraduate students commute to UB, according to the Office of Institutional Analysis from Fall 2016.


Hallwalls honors late artist, UB professor Tony Conrad

02/01/18 1:26am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

On Jan. 23, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center brought a number of Conrad’s archived works to over 100 attendees at their opening honoring the late artist. “Tony Conrad @ Hallwalls” –– a selection of footage dating back to 1977 –– is full of interview clips, compositions and stills from the artist.