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Trails to run

Hiking trails to check out

11/03/15 2:37pm | By Aubrey McLaughlin

You don’t have to love nature to go to a park. Maybe you need a cheap date idea – as all of these are free to enter – want to exercise or just plain need space from your roommate stealing all the Wi-Fi. Here’s a list of some places worth your time in fresh air, near and far, big and small.


Freshie 15

Is the ‘Freshman 15’ inevitable for first-year students?

11/03/15 2:19pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

The seemingly-inevitable, infamous “freshman 15” is dreaded by first-year college students. Freshmen are warned months before they arrive on campus to watch what they eat, get enough sleep and frequent the gym to ward off extra weight gain. But where does this weight gain stem from and why is it so prevalent in this select group of students?


Dad Bod

Dad bods only

11/03/15 2:07pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

The recent trend of the dad bod is a new body physique that can be described as a male with a beer belly who might go to the gym occasionally but isn’t a gym rat, eats whatever he pleases and most importantly – doesn’t have abs.


Five Things to Get You Started Running

Going for a Run

11/03/15 1:58pm | By Aubrey McLaughlin

If you want to start running – whether it’s to get in shape, try something new or get outside more – the fall season with its moderate temperatures is the best time of the year to do it. Here are some simple, concrete tips to crutch you through the beginnings of a life-long love of hitting the pavement.


Disability justice advocate comes to UB

10/29/15 8:09pm | By JOHN JACOBS

Mia Mingus, an advocate for disability justice and awareness, spoke to over 200 UB students on Tuesday night at her event Beyond Access: an Introduction to Disability Justice. Mingus, who is disabled because of a weakened right leg, became an advocate for disability justice and awareness after attending many social justice events and realizing that there were never any advocates for disability justice in attendance.


African awareness

UB ASA holds African Awareness Week

10/29/15 8:06pm | By TY ADAMS

The African Student Association (ASA) held its annual African Awareness Week this past week, highlighting different African cultures and their unique contrast with American culture through events for the UB community. It aimed to demonstrate that “African” culture is an umbrella term for a continent encompassing many different countries with different ethnicities and traditions.


UB students petition for Stampede to go downtown

10/25/15 1:21pm | By TY ADAMS

Kathryn McSpedon, a junior English major, has started a petition aimed at UB Parking and Transportation Services demanding the Stampede buses travel downtown to prevent drunk driving and give students a safe option to explore Buffalo’s nightlife. The Stampede currently runs a five-mile route from North to South Campus. The petition is on and had 35 signatures as of Sunday evening.


Students pie professors

UB students throw pies at professors to raise money for Toys for Tots charity

10/23/15 12:13am | By ASHLEY INKUMSAH

On Thursday, Carrasco, a senior pharmacology and toxicology major, and other students paid $3 to throw pie in their professors’ faces for the first-ever Pie a Professor event. Pie a Professor is organized by UB’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) in an effort to raise money for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. RHA raised more than $600 and 160 students participated.



Reliable transportation graces Buffalo with Uber

10/22/15 10:08pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Uber is a transportation company that connects drivers to riders through the Uber app on smartphones. This app is a new form of taxi service that launched in 2009 and is already available in many cities. Many students have used this app before in other cities and are looking forward to its Buffalo launch because of the app’s accessibility.


Top pumpkin and apple picking farms in Buffalo

10/21/15 3:24am | By TY ADAMS

Among the different events held on UB’s campus for Halloween, there are a handful of things to do off campus as well. Apple and pumpkin picking are popular Halloween activities around the country, so here is a list of the places in Buffalo where one can enjoy the holiday.


College students face slut-shaming on Halloween

10/21/15 3:22am | By SOPHIA MCKEONE

When we fail to remember the more important qualities of being a woman, an even bigger problem emerges between Halloween and females. The problem according to Glann is called “slut-shaming,” an act of putting down, disparaging, insulting and otherwise degrading women for making choices about their own bodies.


Debate Society

Debating on campus becomes recreational

10/18/15 1:40pm | By JOHN JACOBS

This semester, Angela Kim brought a club back to UB that hasn’t been around since 2003. Kim, a sophomore nursing major, set up UB’s Debate Society after meeting with professor James Holmes, who teaches an economic debate class.