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Highlighting what’s important

02/08/18 4:34am | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET

Arthur De Araujo has improved on pen and paper with his most recent iOS application, Lecture Buddy.

The app translates the lecture into text by using a continuous speech recognition program. Students can enter keywords to look for in the text, such as “important,” “remember” or any word of choice.


February movie guide

02/03/17 11:45am | By DAVID TUNIS-GARCIA

While the stars prepare to pat themselves on the back and write their acceptance speeches – where they’ll go on about their political agendas at this year’s ceremony – the actual film releases for the month are pretty bare.


Albums to anticipate in 2017

01/14/17 12:33pm | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

Last year was marked by acts like Frank Ocean and Radiohead thoughtfully exhibiting their dexterity through song. Now, 2017 is set to be packed with records by established and rising artists alike. Here’s a peek at what this year will offer.


The Weeknd aims to dazzle

11/30/16 9:03pm | By ANDREW SAFE

Since his debut mixtape in 2011, Abel Tesfaye has created a place for himself among pop music’s most popular stars. The Weeknd has invariably watered down his unique style and replaced it with one more tailored for the radio along his journey to stardom. But that doesn’t mean this album isn’t unique.


The Hypnic Jerks chase stardom on their own terms

11/21/16 9:50am | By MICHAEL AKELSON

Lydia Macaluso was sitting in her Psychology 101 class freshman year when the teacher started lecturing the class about hypnic jerks, an involuntary twitch in your sleep.

“She was like, ‘today we’re gonna talk about hypnic jerks,’ and I said ‘the Hypnic Jerks, wouldn’t that be a great name for a band?’” Lydia said.