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December movie guide

12/07/17 4:40am | By DAVID TUNIS-GARCIA

The holidays are a time to stay home and spend time with family and friends. It’s also a time to trek to the nearest movie theater and pay to sit in silence with a bunch of strangers for a few hours.

At first glance, December appears to be a light month for releases but a closer look reveals a few gems hidden among whatever dad-movie Steven Spielberg is putting out these days. Oh, and the biggest movie of the year.


"The Audience was ""Blown Away"""

03/28/13 12:00am | By RACHEL KRAMER , RACHEL KRAMER

Live for the art

03/26/13 12:00am | By KIERA MEDVED , KIERA MEDVED

(Re)Visioning Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House

03/26/13 12:00am | By TIM ALLMAN , TIM ALLMAN

Battle of the Bands correction

03/26/13 12:00am

"Franco sinks, witches soar"

03/20/13 12:00am | By KIERA MEDVED , KIERA MEDVED

Just roll with it


Vibes and hip-hop for Spring Fest

03/19/13 12:00am | By ELVA AGUILAR , ELVA AGUILAR

The Bob Dylan Primer

03/05/13 12:00am | By Brian Josephs , Brian Josephs

Girls: The awkward 20-something reality

03/05/13 12:00am | By DUANE OWENS , DUANE OWENS

Road to the Sphinx: the Buffalo breakdown

03/03/13 12:00am | By FELICIA HUNT , FELICIA HUNT

Disgrace in cyberspace

03/03/13 12:00am | By JAKE KNOTT , JAKE KNOTT