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Black Box Concert, Cory Lippe

Finding meaning in MIDI at UB's annual Black Box Concert

04/02/15 6:37pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

The annual Black Box Concert, presented this year by The Hiller Computer Music Studios of the Department of Music, showcased six separate performers, ranging from UB graduates, current faculty and other artists invited to perform various soundscapes centered on the manipulation of four-channel media and sound mixing.


Mad Max new

The return of 'Mad Max'

03/29/15 4:19pm | By REBECCA VINCENT

Since the initial release in 1979, Mad Max has gained a strong underground cult-like following, and fans of the film series are eagerly anticipating the comeback film, being released in May. The newest installment of the film brings the older three back into the light – a trend that’s been seen in films recently across all genres.


The Grapevine

The grapevine: Buffalo's indie concert showcase

03/29/15 12:48pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

This week some indie acts – some burgeoning, some successful – will be playing across Buffalo. From a four-guitarist band that slays live shows to a light-hearted electro group from Rochester, Buffalo’s final days of March and first days of April bring a diverse spread of artists to usher in spring. Do yourself a favor – get out and get dancing.